our little Times Square toy [M43/F43/F22](MFf, control, embarrassment, anal, C/NC)

Betty and I are in our 40s and we decided to spice things up by looking for a younger girl to play with. After plenty of reddit chats, we found Trina.

Betty has a thing for sweet innocent girls (but who doesn’t? ;), so when Trina sent a photo, it was a done deal. She was sort of skinny, with dark hair in a cute bob. She was 22 and didn’t look a day older.

From the begin we were very clear about what would go down. We would meet at a a little bar off of Times Square, and we’d have a suite ready at the Hyatt Centric Times if things clicked. Betty had shipped Trina the outfit she should wear, including earrings and sandals, and the only other thing she was to bring was the tiny purse we also sent.

The two of us arrived first, Betty with her beach-bag looking pocketbook. I wasn’t 100% sure Trina would show, but the minute she did, I knew she was our plaything for as long as we wanted. The bar was small but we found a corner table with a loveseat setup. I sat beside our new girl and Betty sat facing her. We made some small talk and Trina quickly became pretty comfortable. The Long Island iced teas helped with that.

After half an hour Betty told Trina to follow her to the ladies’ room. As Betty described it later, they went into one of the two stalls, where she proceeded to bend the girl over, lift her skirt, and lower her panties. Other women came and went and could undoubtedly see the two pairs of legs, one obviously spread. Betty produced some KY and started to lubricate Trina’s butthole, eventually beginning to stretch it with her fingers. It was a warm July evening but the girl shivered and stifled a moan as Betty took a good-sized buttplug out of her pocketbook and unceremoniously pushed the cold, metal plug past Trina’s sphincter.

She pulled the girl’s underpants off and put them in her pocketbook. Finally, she took Trina’s tiny purse, which had her id and cell, and stuffed it away too. We were now in control of this little innocent playtoy.

Bare-assed, ass-stuffed, exhilarated, and scared, Trina returned with Betty. We ordered another round and I put my hand on Trina’s thigh. “What happened?” I asked. She was embarrassed, but finally stammered out a heavily censored profile under her breath.

I made her tell me in detail, stopping her when she used a euphemism or skipped a detail. She was bright red but as horny as we were—and about to get even hornier and more embarrassed. Still facing us, Betty surreptitiously reached between her legs and removed the RC vibrator from her pussy and handed it to me under the table. Her scent would’ve been obvious to anyone at the nearby tables. She told Trina what was happening as I lifted our little toy’s skirt and found her very wet hole. The vibe, already wet with Betty’s juices, slid in like a finger in a glove.

We paid up and stepped out to walk the several blocks to the hotel. It was well after ten but there were people everywhere. Poor Trina was walking around in a little skirt with nothing underneath but a pink vibrator stem sticking out of her pussy and a big plug stretching her butthole.

On our walk Betty and I took turns fiddling with the phone app for the vibrator while the other made sure our new friend didn’t get too close to an orgasm. In a crowd waiting to cross the street, while I stood in the street and she stood on the curb, I reached down and felt Trina’s inner thigh. She was damp and trembling, even an inch below her pussy.

Twice Betty stopped a random guy walking alone and, gesturing toward Trina, said, “she said she wants to blow you.” The guys were shocked and Trina half-laughed the first time but was nearly in tears the second.

We planning gonna play some more in the hotel restaurant before going up to the room, but at this point I was horny as fuck and wondered, why have a toy if you’re not gonna use it? Trina and I had a quick drink while Betty put our second bathroom plan in action. She went to the room and came back with a hotel towel in her beach bag. No one batted an eye. She grabbed Trina by the wrist and led her to the ladies’ room, this one larger, more posh, and for the time, empty. Betty took Trina to the last stall and closed it, forbidding the girl to latch it shut. Betty installed herself in the next stall. She told Trina to take off the skirt and top and pass them under the stall to her. She produced a ball gag and a sleep mask from her bag and told Trina to put them on and to stand and face the wall. And wait. A couple of drunk women came in, shrieking with laughter, but they were gone in three minutes. Then another lady. The whole time this poor girl was standing in the stall, ass out, wearing nothing but sandals and a bra. There was one close call as a woman almost opened Trina’s stall.

I was nonchalantly looking at my phone outside the restroom when Betty texted me to come in. She had already told me where Trina was, and I went there directly, latching the door silently. Betty reached into her bag once more and pulled out a roll of “under repair“ tape and put some of it across the outside of the door. “I’m going to put her clothes in the room,” she announced, before leaving to do just that.

I pulled Trina by the hips to get her into position, undid my belt, and pulled out my stiff tool. I then pulled the plug out of her asshole and pushed my cock into her slippery, stretched anus. She held onto the plug for me. I wasted no time getting into a rhythm, stopping to tighten her gag when her moans became audible. My goal wasn’t to hurt her, but her discomfort didn’t concern me. I was sodomizing this helpless, naked girl in a hotel-restaurant waiting room. Using her asshole. Of course she’d be sore.

I stifled my own groan as I realized I wasn’t gonna be able to hold back my nut. My body stiffened as I flooded her ass with my semen. Fuck, that tight, slippery butthole felt good as I emptied my balls. I took the plug and she whined softly as I swiftly corked her before my cum could escape. I cleaned my cock off on her lips and chest, zipped up, and left. I don’t think anyone had heard or seen us, but who knows?

Betty traded places with me and a few minutes later the three of us were in the elevator, Trina crouching beneath the towel as I ramped her vibrator up toward maximum intensity.

We got to the room only seconds before Trina came like a volcano. My sperm still up her ass and Betty’s juices still mingling with hers in her pussy, she writhed on the bed, grabbing at her little tits and nipples.

The poor thing was exhausted and sore, so we cleaned her up and put her back in the middle of the bed. Everyone was naked as Betty and I lay on either side of her, caressing her until she fell asleep.

NSFW: yes

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