Our honeymoon in Greece (Part 1)

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We were in Greece for our honeymoon. The island smelled like romance, but the sexual tension of newlyweds was also palpable — even though we had been no strangers to sex for many years.

For our first night, we had a reservation at a restaurant with a fantastic view of the volcano in front of the island. We rushed to get ready and got there early to contemplate the sunset over the water.

My wife was beautiful, still in her mid 20s at the time, wearing a white top and a long white skirt. That look really highlighted her form with the flat stomach, above average breasts, and long tanned legs. I was wearing light blue chinos and a white button up shirt, with not just one but two buttons undone at her suggestion.

We had a nice dinner as the sun faded into the sea in front of us. We enjoyed Greek cuisine and, after a couple of bottles of white wine, we were starting to enjoy ourselves a bit as well. It was now dark and the restaurant relied only on candles for the tables. We were sitting almost side by side, with a slight angle, as the tables were set to give couples a frontal view of the volcano.

She put her hair up as it was still warm. I gave her a kiss on the neck and felt a bit of salty sweat on her skin. I was getting aroused and became playful. I had one of my hands on her thigh, over the skirt.I moved it down and found the opening of the deep cut on that side of the skirt. My hand started to roam up on her thigh. She smiled and uncrossed her legs. I continued my journey between her thighs until I reached her underwear. To my surprise, or perhaps not, she was warm and her underwear was already wet.

She smiled at me and winked. I was getting adventurous after checking our surroundings. I started to press against her clit with my thumb, over the underwear. I could feel how wet she was and her clit was also very stimulated already. As I increased the pressure on my circular moves around her clit, she pressed her legs against each other and bit her lip. My hands were squeezed but I kept my thumb pressing against her clit.

After a few seconds, she released the pressure and opened her legs a bit. I could notice that she was scanning our surroundings. Her right hand laid on my thighs and moved up to discover my hard cock. Her touch had it pulsing against her hand. She left the hand there, rubbing it ever slightly. That got me even more turned on and adventurous. I moved her underwear to the side so I could have direct access to her pussy, which proved to be a bit of a challenge. That done, I started moving my middle finger between her soaked lips to then press her clit again. She bit her lip once more and I could tell she was withholding a moan. I gave her another neck kiss, whispered in her ears that she should relax, and then slid my middle finger into her pussy.

She grabbed my cock over the chinos. I could tell she was now very aroused. The angle wasn’t the best, but I managed to also get my index finger in her pussy. She was starting to lose her composure as I increased speed a bit. That was also becoming clear in how she was grabbing my cock, which at this point had already flooded my underwear with precum. As we were reaching that peak, the waiter discreetly dropped the check and reminded us of the world around us. She was flushed, pushed my hand down, and told me to get the check, but left her hand on my cock.

We had cashed some Euros in case there were places that didn’t take credit cards. This restaurant accepted all credit cards, but I decided it would be wise to pay cash and tip well to leave imminently. We got out of there and started our walk back to the hotel. Walking with a woman on high heels, this was a 15-minute trip. As we left the street with the restaurants and entered into an alley that moved us further up on the island to get to our hotel, the noise of the crowd started to fade in the background.

The alley had small European cars parked back to back on both sides, but at the end of it was a Mercedes van like the one that brought us from the airport. I was walking one step ahead holding her hand. I moved to the back of the van with my back against, and brought her body against mine holding her hips. We started kissing passionately, reminding ourselves of the first dates early in school.

My hands were roaming her body as we kissed effusively. I would grab her ass and bring her stomach against my hard cock. I once again took benefit of the deep cut on her skirt to get my hands on her ass and then between her things. While I grabbed her breast over the top, feeling her hard nipples, I again started fingering her pussy but not with more depth and pace. She whispered in my ear that she was almost fuming and that we should go back to the hotel.

That turned me on even more. I turned her body to have her back against me. I moved her skirt around so that the cut would be in the front, right in front of her legs to give me easier access. While my left hand roamed her stomach and played with her breast, I kissed her ear and told her I wanted to make her cum there. My right hand was hard at work now, with unblocked access, underwear moved to the side, two fingers inside her, at times coming out to play with her clit before diving deep into her pussy again. She gave in, I could hear the muffled moans as her hands looked for my cock behind her back.

A few minutes later I could feel her body getting tense, followed by her legs slightly shaking, and a moan that wasn’t loud but not as muffled as the earlier ones. The liquid dripping down my fingers left no question that she had orgasmed. I took them out, moved her underwear back for the rest of the walk, and tried to place her skirt in the right position again. As she was catching her breath, I told her we should get to the hotel as I couldn’t wait to fuck my wife.

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