Our first time was a doozy [m/f]

My first actual girlfriend was a girl I met while volunteering abroad in West Africa. Beth was a beautiful bubbly blond with anime eyes and massive natural DD tits. We happened to grow up in nearby towns so we hit it off immediately and, to be honest, all my dude friends gave me so much shit for somehow getting the attention of the hottest girl in our program.

Early on in our relationship, before we were technically dating, Beth invited me on a trip to the coast with two of her friends, Mindy and Charles. Mindy and Charles were dating which made it feel like a couples trip and made me apprehensive because Beth and I barely knew each other. My apprehension turned into horny anticipation pretty quickly. The car ride to the coast was full of flirting and touching as we were packed in next to each other. The roads were terrible and Beth’s big tits bounced with all the undulations and potholes. Not only could I see her perky tits bouncing but we were so close that I could feel them rubbing up against me and she wasn’t making an effort to prevent it.

When we finally got the our hotel we parted methods with Mindy and Charles and went to our private room. As soon as our bags hit the floor we were on the bed passionately exploring each others bodies. Beth had on a white sundress and white lace bra and thong. She jumped on top and started kissing me which allowed me to caress her stomach and go all the way up to her enormous tits. as I squeezed them she moaned and writhed. I then ran my hand up her legs and grabbed and spread her ass cheeks making her moan even more. She smiled and nibbled my ear.

I was groping and rubbing, slapping and teasing. My cock was pressed firmly against my zipper as I slid my fingers under her panties feeling just how wet her pussy was getting. Holy fuck was that the best thing I had ever felt in my entire life! I did that!? I immediately sunk two fingers in and she started to work her hips up and down on them. I used my other hand to pull her dress and bra down dropping her massive breasts right on my face. I wiggled my pants down to my ankles freeing my hard cock.

I pulled her panties to the side and as she pressed her hips down I slid right into her. She felt warm and tight and I reached down to feel how juicy she was making my cock. With my finger tips sticky and slimy I started to massage her butthole. She was in a trance, her eyes closed and mouth slightly open panting and moaning. I pressed a little more until the tip of my finger popped in. She let out another moan and an “ohhhhhhh fuck,” telling me she really liked it. I went in further, all the way up to the second knuckle and then pressed my middle finger in. Another “oh fuuuuuck”.

My face was buried in her tits when she started to writhe in ecstasy. I now had two full fingers in her asshole and my cock balls deep in her pussy. As her pussy contracted I lost control myself and exploded deep inside her. I was hoping to sound cooler but all I could get out was a “oooohh my gahhhhhhhhhd!’ We laid there for a second panting and kissing when all of sudden there was a loud knock at the door. I yelled “be right there!” and pulled both fingers and my cock out of her. Beth rolled off of me and pushed her tits back into her dress, composed herself a bit and walked to the door. As I was pulling up my fly Beth opened the door to discover Charles standing there. He and Mindy wanted to go check out the town and he came to see if we were ready to join them. Beth mentioned that we weren’t quite ready and would catch up to them later.

Charles lingered a bit and I could see Beth fidget and shift her stance. Then she somewhat shortly announced that we would see them later and closed the door on Charles. She smiled at me and mouthed an obvious “oh my god!”. She walked to the bed and laid down bringing her knees up. “Look at this” she said in an amused tone. I peaked between her legs and saw the remnants of a rather impressive cream pie. Not only was her pussy and thong a mess but milky white lines were streaming down the insides of both thighs. “I could feel your cum dripping out of me and he would not shut the fuck up.”

She smiled and moved her fingers over her glistening pussy lips.. Even though I had just came I was starting to get hard watching Beth play with herself. “We should get those off” I suggested. She pulled her thong off and threw in at me. I held them in my hand and watched her continue to play with herself. As I got hornier I came up with an idea. I knelt in between her spread legs, balled her thong up and pushed them inside her. “No more leaks” I said with a smile. She looked a little surprised but when she reached down to feel the little piece of thong hanging out she gave it a little tug. “Oh fuck”. She laid there and tugged at it more “You want me to go out like this?” she asked. I nodded, “mmhmm.

“Okay, but let me at least go pee first.”

We went out that night and danced at a bar by the ocean. Later that night we skinny dipped, saw amazing bioluminescence, and fucked again on a raft on the beach. I woke up the next morning with her panties in my pocket and a sore dick. We stayed in bed the entire morning fucking and eating fresh mangos. Now, almost a decade later I wish I had kept that sticky balled up thong. A reminder of the best trip of my life.

NSFW: yes

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