Our first MFM was even better than I imagined!!! [Part 3 of 3][40s][hotwife][MFM]

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After H left, I continued to enjoy G’s pleasure-filled oral assault on my pussy. Eventually G asked for me to undress him, specifically undoing his belt, which I happily enjoyed doing. I pulled down his boxers, revealing that thick cut cock that I remembered from before.

He gently picked me up and placed me on my back. G then began to slowly fuck my soaked pussy. Around this point, I think, H returned with drinks for everyone.

He gently then picked me up and laid me on my back before entering me. For the next 15 minutes, G fucked me in missionary. H was very supportive and excited as he soon left his seat to kiss me while I was being fucked by G. We switched to doggy where I officially became a spit-roast girl. 😍😍.
From there, I switched pleasure holes for the two men and my husband really joined in on the phone.

The next 3 hours were a blur with both H and G taking turns with me. I came over and over with these two men giving me all the attention a hotwife could ever ask for. The night ended with G finishing inside me and my H quickly following up with another load.

After G left, I wondered I would be tired. But my H and I just laid in bed, holding each other tightly, pinching ourselves that we had finally had our first MFM.

NSFW: yes

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