Our first meeting. Not a word is said.


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I open the door to your hotel room and see you standing at the foot of the bed, looking good. You have a big smile on your face as we meet in person for the first time. Not a word is said.

I point at you then at the floor at my feet. Your smile gets even bigger. I take my shoes off as you walk to me. You squat down and unbuckle my belt then unbutton my pants. In one swift motion, you pull my pants and boxers to my ankles, releasing my hard cock. Not a word is said.

You wrap your hand around the base of my cock and put half of me in your mouth. You suck hard and swirl your tongue around the tip. You take me out of your mouth and repeat this several times. Not a word is said.

Finally, you put me all in your mouth. I hear you slightly gage but then moan as I fill your mouth and throat with my cock. Once again, you suck hard and slowly pull me out of your mouth while swirling your tongue around the tip. You’re sucking so hard, your mouth makes a popping noise when my cock leaves your mouth. Again and again you do this. Not a word is said.

You get used to my cock in your throat so you grab my ass and pull me in as deep as efficient. I know you’re encouraging me to fuck your face and I’m not gonna disappoint you. Still, not a word is said.

I grab the back of your head and start to thrust into your mouth. You clamp your lips around me as tight as efficient but not too tight that I cannot move back and forth in your mouth. Not a word is said.

You moan on my dick as I fuck your face. I noticed your hand is down the front of your pants, rubbing your pussy, which I’m sure is wet. This goes on for several minutes until I feel a tingle in my balls. Not a word is said.

I few more thrusts and I know I cannot hold back my orgasm anymore. Finally, the first words are spoken.

“I going to cum.”

You put me half in your mouth then begin stroking me. Within seconds, my orgasm erupts. My body shakes as I fill your mouth with my cum. Once my orgasm is finished and you’ve sucked all of my juices out of me, you pull away and swallow your prize. Not a word is said.

I help you up and you have another big smile on your face. You finally speak.

“Nice to finally meet you in person. Now it’s your turn.”

NSFW: yes


  1. Craisy1922

    No words were needed, you told her ALL she needed to know when you walked in her door! 😽💋

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