Our First Date – Short Sex Story

I (43/M) don’t have much experience on dating sites. I’d just never really used them much, just wasn’t into it. Until the time I met Michelle (35/F) on a dating app just after my divorce.

I had scrolled and scrolled seeing nothing that really interested me until I ran across her account. Then I saw her…wow, a sexy beautiful blonde. Not just hot, but also a cute body and sweet smile…just my type.

Luckily, I was the one guy she actually responded to out of the 5,000 messages she got….so we talked over text for a week or so, and eventually went on our first date. That proved to be an epic date for many reasons…and as amazing as Michelle looked in her dating site photos, she looked 10x better in person.

I arrived at our date location a few minutes early, and Michelle followed just behind me. I was waiting outside my car when she reached the top of the downtown parking deck.

Once she arrived, Michelle got out of her car wearing a modest yet sexy knee length tan dress that had the perfect balance of sexy, yet modest. It made the imagination go into overdrive.
I noticed everything about her, especially her smooth tanned legs.

We had an amazing date, lots of talking and nervous energy, story telling, and of course, a few kisses. After a few drinks we ended the night on top of that parking deck sitting in my truck talking and enjoying the city skyline.
There was nobody around, which was odd for a Saturday night. While sitting there, we naturally began to make out.

We kissed, touched, and rubbed each other in all the right spots. She felt the girth and thickness of my cock through my jeans. And although we had agreed to do nothing on the first date, we realized that would not be the case.

My hands slid between her thighs, sliding closer and farther up between her legs…she then adjusted and spread her legs farther aside. I knew it, she wanted me to touch and feel her pussy. I was so curious as to what sort of panties she was wearing. I prayed it wasn’t something boring like cotton panties…I fantasized about a lace thong, or something sexy. Much to my amazement, she was wearing absolutely nothing. It was so arousing to slide my hand up her leg, and directly to her pussy lips…they were puffy, smooth, and just between her pussy lips I felt a warm wetness that was unreal. She was dripping…completely soaking wet.

She had obviously been getting excited during our conversation. She apologized for how wet she was saying, she felt embarrassed. I said absolutely not, it’s extremely hot, and I told her she would need it to be that wet moving forward. She responded with a surprised look on her face saying, I will?

Michelle said she hadn’t been touched by anyone in over a year. That was about to change.

As for how wet she was, I put her concerns at ease telling her it was very sexy, and I loved it….and that even though it was our first date, I wanted to do something for her.

So I asked her to lay back, and just enjoy what I was doing for her.
That was the exact time I started to turn Michelle into a complete slut. She went from modest and sexy MILF, to a complete cumslut in the blink of an eye…the things I tried on her took her to a sexual place she had never even wondered of going before. A place of security and sexual bliss.

That night, I finger fucked Michelle in a way she had never imagined…I went back and forth massaging her clit, and using two fingers inside her to massage her g-spot.

I leaned her seat back even further so she could relax, but upright just enough so she could easily watch what I was doing to her pussy…I smacked her clit and pussy gently, pulling her dress up exposing her shockingly big 36 DD breasts…she had an amazing body. In every way!!

I rubbed her clit with a gentle urgency…then slid my other fingers inside her at the same time….the two combined drove her insane…💦💦💦

Within a couple of minutes, she was ready for an orgasm 💦💦and could no longer hold it off….she made noises and sounds that would make anyone excited….and then I told her I was going to make her pussy squirt. Shocked, Michelle looked at me with complete surprise…as if nobody had ever made her squirt….i think part of the shock was seeing this attractive professional man turn into a guy that was very naughty and eager to push her limits immediately.

She loved it.
I assured her that she would squirt for me…it would happen. And with that said, I sped up, finger fucking her smooth shaven pussy…Michelle began to make faces of a sexual nature….as bliss overcame her…the moans became bigger and louder, and then it happened. Michelle said she was going to cum…and I said, it’s time to squirt for your new daddy..are you ready?? She looked at me intently as she tried to hold off her orgasm…and then back at her pussy shaking her head saying yes, oh his yes Daddy!!! I want it, please Daddy!! ….I then asked if she was thinking about taking her Daddy’s big thick cock….and was she wanting Daddy’s cum? Are you ready to be Daddy’s cumslut?

She screamed yes, please Daddy. Oh please Daddy give it all to me…please…oh god…oh god, and with that Michelle orgasmed. And for the first time, Michelle was able to squirt.

She squirted on my hand, into the floor of my vehicle, and on the edge of the seat. She breathed heavy…her breasts expanding up and down as her chest tried to bring in more oxygen….she then laid back with her eyes closed….coming down from her euphoria.

I gave her a kiss…and told her next time she’s getting the real thing, but for now she has to wait. But she’s going to need to behave if that’s what she wants….I asked, can you do that for Daddy? She replied, yes Daddy…with a little laugh……to be continued.

NSFW: yes

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