Other SIL F(27)un!


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Sorry, everyone for not having any new updates. Nothing has happened with SIL or Bestie since last time. But one thing did happen this time with my other SIL (F27). We took a trip with her and my MIL (Nothing ever happening with her at all, also don’t want to) to go see my wife on a work trip that she was on. We drove to the location, and it was just a day trip for the wife and for use it was as well, but we got a hotel to rest up before we drove back the next morning. Where we went my MIL has family and they found out she was in town. They invited her to go out late at night before we headed home. Me and SIL stayed at the hotel room as we were tired from the day activities.

SIL and I were just chilling on the bed, her on one bed and me on the other. After that she said that she was gonna shower, and she’d be out soon. After she went into the bathroom, I started to go though Reddit and started to get horny. At this point was only had a T-shirt and my shorts that I was gonna wear to sleep. I started to play with my dick over my shorts and kept scrolling though Reddit. I was so horny after some time that I took my dick out not remembering that I was not alone in the room and started to stroke my dick. I was closing my eyes imagining having my dick stroked.

After about 15 minutes of stroking, I open my eyes to see SIL next to me in her towel. I was in shock and frozen I did not move while I continued to hold my dick. I just look at her and her at me. I was able to see her smooth pussy as the towel was not big enough to cover her completely.

Her: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m so sorry. I thought you were going to be longer.”

Her: “Were you just masturbating out in the open like this?”

Me: “Yes, I was. I’m so sorry I just got carried away and did not hear you get out of the bathroom.”

Her: “So this is the dick that is fucking my sister, huh.” With a big smile on her face.

Me: “Umm yes…”

Her: “Not going to lie you have a nice dick. Kind of jealous to be honest. How long have you been masturbating for?”

Me: “For about 15 minutes. Let me go to the bathroom to finish and we can just move on from this.”

Her: “there is no need for that” as she says that she drops her towel and exposes her naked body. She has C cup tits, on the thick side like my wife and a fat ass like my wife.

I was in straight shock with my mouth wide open. ME: “Umm you…” I could not finish my sentence when she went in and took a hold of my dick. At this point I am still laying down on the bed, in the same position she found me when I was masturbating. After she took my dick, she got on the bed and then swung her leg over my chest exposing to ass and pussy straight to my face.

Her: “I’ll finish this for you. I haven’t had dick in some time. Don’t worry we won’t fuck but I will blow you till you bust down my thought.”

Me: “Are you suuurrr….” I just feel her tongue and lips on my dick and then just begin to suck me off. As she is doing this she sits on my face. Her pussy was soaken wet and not gonna lie, it smelled just like my wife’s. I would not withstand, and I started to eat her pussy like it was my last meal.

Her: “Holly shit you sure know how to eat pussy! Keep going!”

I just keep going and it’s been about 5 to 8 minutes. She is dripping cum allover my face. At this point I’m gonna cum and I just muffle out while still eating her, “I’m going to cum!” As I say this, she takes me as deep as she could, and I just went all in on her pussy and somehow stuck a finger in her ass. I cum and shoot rope after rope of cum down her throat and as I’m cumming so is she cause more cum just dripped out of her and she was shaking hard. I kept eating until she lost control and was shaking so hard, she begged me to stop. As I took my last lick a small squirt came out all over my mouth.

After we just laid for a few min to catch out breath and then looked at each other and laughed. I said I was gonna go shower and then go to sleep. She said I’ll join you just to wash my pussy and then go to sleep. She joins, cleans up and gets out and I just take my shower. Once I got out, she was already knocked out on her bed. I went over to mine and went to sleep. MIL came back at some point.

NSFW: yes

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