Oral surprise (scene not a story)[MT 30’s non consent]

She was a 5 foot 11 ebony goddess (6’-1” in her heels). Her skin was smooth and dark as midnight. As we kissed, I could sense an urgency and desperate need coming from her. She grasped the sides of my face with her hands as she tried to suck the soul out of me.  She released my mouth, and I felt a sense of loss. She looked deep into my eyes and moved her hands to my shoulders. She pushed downwards, lightly at first but with increasing pressure. I complied and got down on my knees. Her taught midsection and luscious hips were wrapped in a tight red spandex blend. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me. She slowly pulled up her dress and exposed a pair of electric blue silk panties. The contrast with her dark skin and red dress was striking. She grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me towards her. My face was crushed against her crotch.  She grinded herself into me, and something was not right.  I felt a noticeable bulge that seemed to be growing in her panties. I started to pull back, and her strong hands held me while she continued to grind against my face. I looked up towards her, and our eyes met.  She said “I wish I had a clit… really I do.” She pulled her semi flaccid cock out from its hiding place. “But this is the way it is, and it aint gonna suck itself / please open your mouth / and you should just open your mouth / so open your MF/GD/F mouth “  I started to protest and as I did she pushed her way in. She gripped the back of my head tighter and I felt her grow in my mouth. Her hard cock filled me. She pushed in as deep as I could take and then pulled back to repeat. She established a driving rhythm and I felt myself grab on to her hips. I could feel the rippling muscles of her buttocs as she invaded my mouth over and over again. I quickly got used to the salty musky taste of her and found myself matching her rhythm.  She smiled and eased up the grip she had on my head as her ecstasy and her passion built.  I soon felt her rhythm become scattered, her knees buckled and she let out a wail as a warm stickiness filled my mouth. She collapsed to her knees and stared into my eyes as she kissed me deep and long. “I really needed that,” she said.

NSFW: yes

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