Opening Up to Wife About MMF Fantasy – Short Sex Story

Every time my wife and I have gone on a trip, I’ve had this fantasy that we go out one night to walk the bars and check out the city. She’s tipsy and points out a guy at a bar and tells me she thinks he’s hot. I ask her if she’d suck his dick. She says she would. I’m like, ‘OK let’s understand.’ I’d go over and be like, ‘Hey dude, that’s my wife. She thinks you’re hot. You wanna double team her at our airbnb? My wife is a super short slimthick bodytype half asian chick who does hot yoga and lifts. She’s super cute and this would be a difficult proposition for a single man to pass up. I’d want her to dress super slutty with ho makeup that night so I can watch it stream down her face later.

We’d get back and I’d set up my phone to record the living room. I’m torn between blindfolding her and tying her face-down to an ottoman with her head hanging off and just immediately bending her over and ripping her clothed off and shoving our dicks into her and making her lose control.

Dude would have to wear a condom unfortunately, but we can still do cumshots on the face and body. I’d wanna see her lose control and get used like I know she craves. The image of slamming into my wife from behind and every thrust jamming a stranger’s dick down her throat is so hot to me.

She’s made clear that she’s down for anything sexually except for nonmonogamy. She’s real sensual and shit and sex is like all emotions for her. I don’t know if this would be impersonal enough to maybe slip by. Either way, reaction should be amusing.

NSFW: yes

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