Oonagh – Conquered Songstress [High-Fantasy] [Dominance/Submission] [Anal] [M37/F27]


Two races, the Valadrians and Shirikai are at war. They had been at peace for all of recorded history, and the invasion was profoundly unexpected and out of character.


Varanik – Shirikai Commander – famed warrior and mage.

Oonagh – Valadrian princess, profoundly skilled at singing, dancing, and art. She is very intelligent and trained in tactics, but not a warrior. She was left in charge of the city before the surprise attack. It was not expected that the city would ever be under attack, and she was no match for Varanik. Character based on the German high-fantasy singer of the same name (Senta-Sofia Delliponti).

Oonagh had been a princess all her life, but never before had she felt so completely helpless as she had the last few months. The Shirikai invasion had been brutal, but all assumed that the capital of Dirath, far in the east and well fortified as it is, was safe. No one knew how the Shirikai army had appeared there. The enemy army that invaded her city had utterly decimated their forces, leaving the people of the city with no choice but to surrender. Varanik, the leader of this invading force was cruel and relentless.

He had privately offered a generous resolution to the invasion — the people’s lives would be spared, and their wealth unplundered, but in return she would submit herself to be his personal concubine – or sex slave.

She knew it was wrong – an affront against her own dignity as well as those of everyone in the city – yet there was something about him that made even such an abominable proposition seem almost inviting, like he held some sort of power over her mind as much as he did over her body. Reluctantly accepting defeat both on behalf of herself and also for everybody else who’d have suffered should she refused him.

Oonagh was led to her bedchamber, where she waited alone for hours. Finally, the door opened, and Varanik silently walked towards her. This was the first time Oonagh had seen him.

His voice possessed an unfathomable depth, resonating like the peal of a resounding bell. It was ethereal, yet simultaneously soothing – and undeniably alluring. Oonagh felt an involuntary shiver course through her, her skin prickling against her will. She raised her gaze to meet his, her lips parting slightly, her expressive brown eyes reflecting a mixture of trepidation and appeasement.

“Surrender yourself to me,” he commanded softly.

“I surrender,” she whispered in response.

He kissed her hard, his lips almost brusing hers as he explored her mouth with a hunger that was both frightening and intensely thrilling. His hands roamed over her body in the same way; exploring each curve hungrily before finally pinning down one wrist above her head while the other hand wandered beneath the hem of Oonagh’s skirt to caress inner thigh.

She gasped against his lips. Moving slowly up towards her waistband he paused at first when encountering fabric there, teasingly running his fingers along its edge before suddenly jerking it downwards without warning to yank off completely in one swift motion – exposing Oonagh fully.

Once free from all clothing restraints on both their sides, he pressed forward again so that their bodies became flush against each other once more. He ran kisses across Oonagh’s neck as his hands expertly stroked her nipples and clitoris with perfect precision, making sure never linger too long on any single spot lest the pleasure become too overpowering quickly.

Finally, with her body already trembling from his touch, and an overwhelming heat consuming them both, he moved lower still to position himself between Oonagh’s legs. Her heart pounded. It was finally happening. His mouth found hers again as he entered her in one slow thrust. There was a hint of pain at first, but it quickly subsided. Oonagh tried to clear her mind, feeling humiliated by her own enjoyment, and trying to suppress it. But it was of no avail.

She lay in a daze as her muscles were slowly pushed aside, over and over by his manhood. She could hardly believing what was happening. Seeing that she was avoiding his gaze, Varanik grabbed her chin firmly and kissed her hard again. Her muscles tightened, and she felt electric spasms coursing through her. Why did she discover pleasure in this?

His thrusts grew gradually faster. His touch was possessive and controlling, carried a strange tenderness.

He moved inside her with a raw intensity that communicated what this moment meant with no words needing to be exchanged. Oonagh could no longer deny the pleasure she was feeling, nor fight against it any longer. With each thrust of his hips she felt herself surrendering more and more to him – her captor – willingly allowing him to take control in this way .She moaned softly with each movement, a sound that only seemed to drive him wilder still as he began slamming harder into her; pushing further and deeper than ever before until all Oonagh could do was cling onto him.

With inhuman strength he flipped her and tossed her on her stomach – and to her surprise, she found herself immediately and willingly positioning herself on all fours and arching her back, presenting her ass to her conqueror. A wave of euphoria enveloped her now – she was fully and willingly surrendering – the exquisite feeling of submission as she offered herself to him was delightful.

He entered her ass without warning – and with surprising ease – the muscles of her sphincters relaxing and offering no resistance. It didn’t hurt at all. He grabbed a handful of her hair tightly in one hand and pulled it back so that she was forced to arch further towards him.

His pace increased rapidly. She felt an odd sense of deja vu in this position, feet dangling, ass presented submissively, body being slammed forward and backward as she gazed at the sheets. Varanik had outplayed her at every part of the battle. It was not truly a fight — she was unable to put up any real resistance. She felt like she felt now — bent over and getting owned. He was only making literal what he had already done to her figuratively. But this time, she loved it.

The sound of their skin colliding loudly reverberated through the room, her gorgeous golden-peach cheeks rippling from the force as he plunged deep into her ass, his cock invasively forcing her muscles aside, filling her and conquering her thrust by thrust.

“Yes,” Oonagh murmured, her voice hoarse and breathless as she finally became fully aware of the pleasure coursing through her body. “Yes, yes – take me! Claim me for yours!” She gasped with each thrust, eyes rolling back in delight at the sensation that consumed her. He spanked her over and over as he fucked her – hard enough to sting but not hard enough that she didn’t enjoy it. His free hand roaming, pinching, teasing, as he relentlessly pummeled her body.

Oonagh moaned as his dominance over her grew ever more intense. She felt like she was melting beneath him – into the bedspread and then through it until eventually there would be nothing left of her but a conquered city in its place; no longer a princess, or even an individual Valadrian anymore, but just another part of this new kingdom he was creating for himself with each thrust inside her.

“Yes, I’m yours – all of me is yours,” Oonagh murmured. She was in a daze; no longer able to think, only letting him take control as he continued ravishing her body from behind.

“Yes…yes! Harder, please! Take me, own me!” Oonagh begged.

Varanik tightened his grip on her hips, fingers digging into her soft skin as he continued to relentlessly pound into her. “Who rules over you, Oonagh?” he demanded, his voice a dark rumble of victory.

The words echoed through her mind, repeated in the pounding rhythm of his body against hers. “You, Varanik! You rule me!” she cried out, her voice shaking with the intensity of her surrender. “You’re my victor, my master, my superior!”” Oonagh screamed as his cock forced her tight passage aside. Her hands clung desperately to the luxurious silk sheets beneath them, knuckles white and fingers straining with the intensity of her grip.

Varanik seemed to take her words as a challenge, pushing himself even harder into Oonagh now. His hands roamed around her body – grabbing onto her waist and pulling tight against him each time he thrust forward.

He grabbed a fistful of hair in one hand and yanked it back hard, making Oonagh cry out before then using his free hand to pull down on the shoulder opposite from where he was holding; forcing her further down towards the bedspread. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her — starting in her ass, but extending like bolts of electricity throughout her entire body.

“It seems I’ve fallen…right on your spear, Varanik.” She said, dazed

“Beg for it, Oonagh. Beg like the defeated rival you are.”

“Yes, plunder me, Varanik! Storm my ramparts! I’m your whore! Seize me, control me, destroy me! Make my ass your conquered land! !

Varanik: “Louder, Oonagh. Let all of Valadria hear their queen’s wanton submission.”

“Yes!! Fuck me! Make me your whore! Show me who’s in charge!” Oonagh gasped breathlessly between each thrust; becoming more and more aroused with every passing second.

“More,” Varanik commanded. “Beg me, Oonagh. Beg me to own you.”

“I want you to pound me, Varanik! Pound me like you did on the battlefield!”

Eventually, Oonagh felt herself reaching a point of no return – all thoughts fading away as she was engulfed in pleasure. It was almost too much to bear – a sensation that seemed to take over and leave her incapacitated as she reached her climax at long last. She screamed out in ecstasy, her body trembling uncontrollably beneath him, until finally Varanik himself found his own release moments later with one final powerful thrust inside her.

Varanik lays on top of her for a moment, then abruptly dresses himself and leaves. She lay there for some minutes afterwards, his seed still dripping from between her cheeks, completely spent and unable to move as she processed what just happened between them – the way he had so easily conquered her mind and body in such a short amount of time. She could still feel him – his rough hands, his dominating thrusts, his hot breath on her skin, his powerful aura suffusing the room. As the reality of her revelation washed over her, Oonagh touched the sticky substance that dripped from her. Varanik’s seed. His victory banner. She brought her fingers to her lips, tasting him, tasting their encounter.

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