One summer afternoon – Short Sex Story

There were several years during my late adolescence and early adulthood in which sex was constantly at the center of my thoughts. Everything revolved around it. Every single minute of every day. And night. There was virtually no woman I’d know, meet, run into, talk, or even just exchange a look with that I did not see or imagine under an erotic light. I’d be mesmerized by her beauty and the shape of her body, no matter what her body looked like. I’d picture her in my mind naked, or wearing only lingerie, or a swimsuit. I’d guess the shape and size of her breasts and nipples. I’d dream about the softness of her lips and the smoothness of her skin. I’d try to guess what she’d smell and taste like between her legs. I’d convince myself that she’d be thinking about sex at all times too, and that she’d walk around with her panties soaked in her own wetness. No matter how interesting and crucial the subject of our conversation was, her carnal self was driving and consuming all my attention. In those years, I’d even manage to imagine the sexual appetite of reasonably close relatives. That’s when and where this little story fits.
I was just a late teenager when I started to fantasize about my cousin Maria, who was four years older than me. I’d visit my aunt and uncle every other week or so, have lunch with them and spend the Sunday afternoon playing board games or watching some boring TV show while nibbling sweets. By my mid-twenties, I’d have long masturbation sessions imagining my hand were Maria’s, or her tongue, if I was using some lubricant to enhance my pleasure while edging, as if she knew that gently licking just the slit of my cock head with her tongue would send through my body the strongest sensations.
One summer afternoon in those later years, I was visiting my aunt and uncle and Maria, for once, was not spending the day out with her grad college friends. Maria was a bit taller than me, around 178 centimeters, and had beautiful olive-like complexion and long, black curly hair whose tips touched her lower back. She had deep brown eyes surrounded by long black eyelashes. Her lips looked as if they’d been drawn by an artist, with a pencil. She all the time smelled of fresh soap, the way one does when they shower every morning and every night.
We had lunch and some gelato for dessert, then we sat outside on the porch and engaged in some chit chat about I cannot remember what. The conversation then fell on our romantic lives or, rather, lack thereof. She mentioned dating a guy a few weeks before, a car salesman, but without enthusiasm. After a while, she stared at me in the eyes for what felt like an eternity without saying a word. Her look moved on to my lips and back to my eyes. She then got up and said she needed to take a nap, and that she’d go to her room. I was left there, looking in the empty countryside in front of the house, a gigantic bulge in my pants, courtesy of Maria’s deep look.
I had to inhale and exhale slowly a few times to calm down. The arousal, however, was still there. My mind had already taken off, and was already flying in Maria’s bedroom, under the sheets, between her labia and her tits. “Fuck it,” I muttered to myself. I got up, entered the house and started to walk toward Maria’s room. As I got closer, I noticed that the door was slightly open. There was a line of light around it and through which I was able to peek inside. What my eyes saw instantly sent a shot of adrenaline to my brain and spine, which made my cock rock hard in a matter of a second. Maria was on her bad, half naked, her blouse open so she could reach with one hand for one of her tits and play with her left, dark nipple. Her blue jeans were on the floor. I could not see where her underwear might have gone. Not that I’d care. My gaze was laser-focused on her body. Her other hand was moving slowly and rhythmically on the sides of her swollen clit. She seemed already lost in her pleasure.
I stood there for a minute, watching Maria’s beautiful lust, only to catch myself with a hand on my own crotch. Under my pants, my cock was already throbbing and wetting my briefs with precum. I started worrying it’d show.
Maria sensed my presence and called: “Paul, is that you? I knew you’d come. Don’t let them see you. Come in and close that door.”
I obeyed. “Do you think I don’t notice your eyes on me?” she asked. “Where’s your mind when you look at me that way?” I was frozen. I was barely able to whisper, “With you.”
Maria had not stopped touching herself. She’d addressed me between a moan and the next.
“Come closer,” she said. “I am sure you’re dying to get a better view.”
“This is wrong,” I managed to stutter.
“Oh, is it?”
“How come?”
“You are my cousin.”
“I’m also a woman.”
“Yes, but you are my cousin.”
“I’m also a woman with a woman’s needs and urges.”
“Yes, but, still, you are my cousin.”
“I’m also the horniest and sluttiest girl you are going to run into your entire life. I promise. Do you really want to miss this opportunity?”
I remained silent. I could’ve said yes. I could’ve lied.
Instead, I unzipped my jeans and let them fall on the floor. My briefs needed some help because the precum had made them sticky. Once they were off too, my cock had reached the strongest erection. I was feeling it so hard. The head was dark red and only wanted to be freed and let explode in a spray of precum before shooting my seed.
Maria spread her legs and pulled her labia aside with her hands showing her dark clit in all of her majesty. “Welcome to heaven, little cousin.”
On the mattress sheet, there was a large stain, which was darker than the rest and let out the sweetest scent. The scent of a woman’s sex. I could not withstand. I had to reach out and slide two fingers between Maria’s legs. It was so invitingly warm. And wet. So wet. I took a deep breath, inhaling her fragrance. Tasting her was all I wanted. I dived between Maria’s thighs and found myself with her turgid clitoris between my lips. “Oh my gawd!” she gasped. “Lick me, Paul! I am your slut now. You can do whatever you want to me.”
Those words made me lose it. I felt more precum raise from my shaft, reach the tip of the urethra, and drip along my manhood.
Maria was moaning more loudly than I was comfortable with. I put a hand on her mouth. I raised from between her legs: “All I want is to fuck you and make you cum, but I don’t want your parents to hear us,” I said.
“If you don’t fuck me hard until I lose my senses, I’m going to tell *your* parents,” she replied.
“What?” I asked, a shiver going down my spine.
“You heard me. The entire family’s gonna know that you licked your cousin’s pussy.”
I didn’t say a word.
“You know what?” Maria then added. “If you don’t give me exactly what I want, everyone’s gonna know not only that but that you actually could not fuck your cousin’s pussy, because your dick doesn’t get up.”
“And what is it that you want?” I asked coyly.
“To be completely honest, what I want is to feel like your property, your sex toy, your cum sleeve. I want to be completely yours.”
“What does it mean?”
“I want you to… breed me.”
A gigantic shot of warm sperm came out of my cock as soon as those words registered in my brain. It landed on Maria’s clit and on her stomach.
“What a waste,” she said. “That cum’s place should’ve been inside my womb.”
“Is that what you want?”
“Are you sure?”
“I want you to fill my cunt with your cum. I want that cum to get into every crease of my cervix. I want that seed to find its way to my egg and knock me up.”
My premature climax had left my erection unscathed. Maria’s words were so hot that my little friend had remained up, firmly. They’d managed to tun him on even more if that was feasible for a cock that had just ejaculated.
“Turn around!” I ordered.
“What do you mean?”
“I said, turn around. And go on all four.”
Maria looked surprised by my resolve. She stared me in the eyes for several seconds. “As you wish,” she replied softly. She then turned got on her knees and hands in front of me and offered my the vision of her perfectly designed vulva peeking out of the inner part of her thighs.
I got closer and started inhaling the smell of her sex. I could no longer withstand. I grabbed her buttocks with my hands, spread them aside, and immersed my face in the middle. My tongue was frantically looking for more wetness. If finally found it. The taste of Maria’s vagina was so intense. The viscosity of her juices spread all over my face, which allowed me to “smell her” for days after our encounter. With one quick movement, my tongue hit her clit for a fraction of a second. “Ohwww, gawdddd!” is the deep sound that came out of her mouth. Her body arched. She was about to fall forward. I stopped.
“Do you want to be bred?”
“Yes, please, come fuck me and seed me!”
I got up as best as I could, took my cock in my hand, aimed for Maria’s slit, got my cock head closer, and rubbed it against her clit. “Oh, my fucking gooooood!” she almost yelled.
I moved the head of my dick a bit to make sure it’d get well lubricated, then I gave a push. I entered in her like a hot knife in butter.
As I entered her, I felt a rough area pushing on my shaft. I retracted and gave another thrust. “Oh my fucking goooood!” Maria now yelled. Her legs started to shake uncontrollably. She shut her eyes, her head bent backwords, and let out a deep sound o pleasure.
At that signal, there was nothing I could do. My cock took over and started shooting warm quantities of sperm into Maria’s womb. I felt the pressure create up in my balls, then run through the entire urethra, and finally release all of its power in Maria’s uterus. “I’m breeeeeding youuuuuuu!” I shouted. “I’m filling you with all my seed!.”
“I’m your personal whore. Make me pregnant with your offspring, Paul!”
“You already are.”

NSFW: yes

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