one of the guys dared me to let him eat a piece of sashimi off my lips. [24F]

That night I was having dinner with some classmates since we had to do a group project. There were seven of us, 5 guys and me and another girl. We decided to order some take-out sushi and head back to one of the guys’ house. So we’re having dinner and speaking about the group project. Naturally, there was some alcohol drinking and the topic eventually drifted to sex.

The other girl was quite tame and she kept verbally protesting that she had a bf. So we knew she was a bit off limits. But either way, we got her tipsy enough to make her make out with me and kiss each guy on the lips. Though her bf kept calling so we got her an uber and she left before the party started.

After she left, we continued to speak about the group project over dinner. A while in though, I accidentally dropped a piece of sashimi onto my cleavage. Just my usual clumsiness with chopsticks. As I reached down to grab it with my hands. One of the guys just grabbed it immediately with his chopsticks and ate it. It surprised me a little, he had been staring at my tits instead of my face the whole night, but I didn’t expect him to be so forward. Everyone just stared in silence. The atmosphere was a bit awkward and everyone was completely speechless. I had to break the silence. I cracked a joke saying “you boys must love eating sushi off me”. But then I got an idea, I pretended to also spill some sake onto my white top. As the liquid ran down my top, my top became transparent. Revealing my pink bra more and more. They all laughed. And one of the guys dared me to let him eat a piece of sashimi off my lips.

It was such an easy task that I obliged without even batting an eye. After he had a turn, the others joined in, and they went up a notch each time. I guess the liquid courage really got to them. The next guy delicately balanced sushi on my breasts. He nibbled it right off my tits. And then I felt some sake being poured into my belly button, and another guy dug his tongue into it to slurp it back up. One of the guys clearly had a foot fetish, as he asked if he could eat a piece of sashimi off my toes. When I agreed, he draped a piece of fish across them, but he spent more time sucking my toes than eating the fish. One of them gobbled some sushi from my butt. While he was there, he gave my ass a little nibble. And I moaned a bit. They immediately pounced on hearing that moan.

In the madness, one of the guys had spilled more sake all over my clothes. But it was freezing so I asked for a towel to change into. But, in a moment of carelessness, I took off my bra and panties too… I left them on the side of the bed, and I guess one of the guys picked them up because they commented that my panties were drowned in my juices. Feeling emboldened by my evident arousal, they asked if they could drink sake from my cleavage. Then, one of them drank from in between my thighs. I wasn’t sure at that point if he was tasting my wetness or the sake- my thighs were completely soaked anyway. Someone replaced him, and eventually, they just took turns fingering me and eating me out. But hey, I wasn’t complaining. Soon they were putting sushi on my nipples and pretending to eat them, but really they just wanted an excuse to have a taste of my boobs. It was amazing.

It didn’t take long till one of the guys pulled out their dick. He dangled in it my face and I started sucking on it. Halfway through, the rest of them dropped their pants as well. Before I knew it, the group study session had turned into a group bukkake session. Suddenly, one of them propped my ass up, stuffed his cock in me, and started fucking me doggy style. Their hands were all over me. I was being stimulated everywhere. I was being fingered. They were groping my tits. Someone was smacking my ass. And I was choking on cock. It felt like paradise.

They each took turns fucking me while I jerked one or two and sucked the other. There were cocks everywhere and all my holes were being used. After they each had a turn, one of them flipped me over and they shoved themselves back in. I was now being fucked on my back. It was true bliss, and 2 of the guys didn’t last too long and came inside of my pussy. Another guy was literally pouring sake on my face while making me suck his cock. It was suffocating but I guess I get off to that. He ended up spraying his cum all over my face, and it mixed with the sake as it dripped down onto the bed.

Then another guy said my pussy was used and full so he tried to put it in my ass. I initially said no because I wasn’t prepared enough. But he gave my ass a good slap and my ass loosened up. He took the opportunity to sheathe his cock in my ass. It was crazy. I was so drunk I was losing control of my muscles. As soon as he was in he started pounding my ass hard. He shot his load down it as well, creampied my ass❤️. The last guy to cum was the guy I was blowing. In a devious twist, he grabbed my mask and unloaded on the inside, until he had completely smeared it with his cum.

The other 4 guys left soon after and the homeowner was nice enough to drive me home But he wouldn’t let me sit naked in his car. So he made me use my top to cover the seat and had me sit on my top before he drove me 2 blocks from my home. I was leaking creampies onto my top the entire time. Until it was fully soaked in their cum. He dropped me off two blocks away from my place and made me do the slut walk home. I had put on my top and mask. It was reeking of cum and sex

As I was in public, I sprinted home as fast as I could in my heels When I got home my mom took a look at the mess and asked what happened, I said it was just a messy birthday dinner. The stains on my shirt were only cream stains, shouting back as i ran into the toilet.

NSFW: yes

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