One of my first school FWBs just became single and I fucked him later that day [23F]

my FWB and I met last year at the bars in my school town. We became friendly and eventually we started hooking up pretty frequently. He ended up becoming my main FWB for a while before he got a girlfriend. They dated for about 7 months before breaking up last Sunday. Monday morning (yesterday) he texts me and we talk before he lets me know that he’s single and wants me to come over. I can’t pass up the opportunity to fuck him again so I said yes!

So last night I drive to his place and chat with his roommates before we head to his room a few minutes later. Pretty much right away I’m on my knees giving him a blowjob and sucking his balls. I gave him a good, sloppy blowjob before getting on top and riding him. His dick is better than I remember and I make myself cum in a few minutes. Once I came for the first time I was all his. He told me to get into doggy and I let him fuck me balls deep for as long as he wanted. I started to struggle and shake a little bit by this point. Once he’s done in doggy we went to missionary and I had my legs on his shoulders just taking his dick. He was relentless and I told him I was gonna cum again. His roommates definitely heard me say that I was gonna cum- oops. I ended up cumming again before he pulled out and came all over my tits and stomach.

This morning we woke up early so we could fuck again. I basically just laid there as he had his way with me and ended up cumming on my ass. I can’t wait to see him again!

NSFW: yes

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