One of my best experiences

Awhile back I met this girl on an app called whisper. I Dm’d her because of a post she posted. I eventually asked her if she wanted to go out to hookah and drink, and she said yes but wanted to see a picture of me. I sent one, I’m not good looking so I wondered she was gonna ignore me but she replied back and said she wondered I was cute (that’s the response you get when they don’t you’re hot or good looking I wondered to myself lol) and agreed to go out. I asked her for a pic and she sent a selfie and she was way out of my league. Gorgeous face with nice brown hair. So we meet up, and when I pulled up next to her and she saw me, we waved and she got out. When I got around the car and saw her body, I just stood there for a bit. Her ass was perfect, she was thick with a slim waste and her tits were enormous but not that enormous. I was flabbergasted , she was hot as FUCK. We went inside and we smoked and drank and we actually end up going back to her place. We begin watching a movie and we begin making out and I try to make a move and she says that she doesn’t want to do anything other than make out. I don’t push for more and we make out for a while and then I leave. Skip to the next weekend, we meet up again and again we go back to her place. This time we begin making out and I begin playing with her tits, she lets me. I slip into her shirt and grab a handful of tit and begin playing with her nipple, she starts moaning while we kiss. I make my way down her neck till I’m at her tit, and begin sucking her nipple. I rip open her shirt (it was a button down) and begin sucking both. I go back to making out with her and begin sliding my hands down her pants. Her pussy is wet and i begin rubbing her clit, I keep rubbing it while I’m sucking on her tits. She starts moaning hard and loud, I’m hard as a fucking rock! She cums and pulls my hand out and sucks the fingers I was using (it was hot as FUCK) I was like I can’t wait till it’s my dick in her mouth. She then pulls my cock out and starts to jack it off. I’m a tit guy so I was just sucking and playing while she’s jacking me off. She tells me to sit back. She starts to give me the best head I’ve had, she sucking it and making eye contact the whole time. She starts getting sloppy, sucking my balls while stroking my cock. Sliding her tongue up and down my cock. She has my cock sloppy as hell, I get up and get her on her knees. I begin to stuff my cock down her throat. I’m not big (probably 5-5 1/2 inches) but when she was choking on my cock, it made the sensation even better. After about 5 mins of sucking she told me she wanted cock in her. I stand her up and throw her on the couch and begin eating her out. I lick her pussy up and down while I grab her tits and pull her nipples. I begin sucking her clit while I finger. She cums 2 more times! her shaking with her stuffing my face into her pussy while yelling my name was such a turn on! While she was in that shaking , I get up and stick my dick in her mouth. I told her to get my dick wet before I begin to fuck her. I bend her over and from that moment , I started to really like ass, cause she had such nice round soft ass. I fucked her doggystyle for about 10 mins , and then I turned her around had suck my dick while I caught my breath. I threw back on the couch and I started to eat her out again, this time she lasted about 2 minutes before she started squirting all over my face. It was hot. I laid her down and I got on top! After 3 mins of missionary she had my cock white from all her creaming. She then came again! I had her ride me while I slapped her ass. Mid ride, she asked if we could go somewhere else thinking she meant the bedroom. But instead she opened the front door while we were butt naked and we went across the hall and she opened the neighbors door and went in. We walked down the hall and into a room. I asked her what was going on, she told me not worry about it and she started to suck my dick. I got worried but at the same time it felt amazing so as any other guy, I continued. That’s when another women walks in. She doesn’t say a word, she just undress and walks up to my girl and starts making out. She stops and looks at me and tells me that she is her friend and that she invites her. She said that she had told her that she wanted to have a threesome with me but make it a surprise. I don’t complain at all, and she gets on her knees and starts to blow me while I make out with the original girl. My girl then helps her get undressed and I get to see her body! She was a petite woman with smaller tits but very perky and a nice little ass. She doesn’t waste anytime and lays down and tells me to fuck get, and I do. She also is very loud. We fuck while the other fingers her self. At this moment I begin getting scared that I’m about to bust but somehow I hold on hard. After awhile she turns around and tells me to stick in her ass. The original girls spits in her ass and guides my dick into her ass, it was so tight. I fuck her slowly while it starts to get easier to go in and out, and eventually I’m going full speed. She’s yelling and rubbing her clit at the same time, she tells me not to stop and I keep going and then she busts, she squirts all over the bed! And she tells me not to stop, I had no plan to stop because it was fucking amazing, and she kept yelling ( and when I mean yelling, I mean like she’s fucking dying ) and that when the original girls lays in front of her and starts having her eat her out. I slow down at that moment because just seeing that made me almost cum. I fuck her for another ten and she gets off and starts to ride me, while the other one sits on my face. While doing this I wondered to myself that I was the luckiest guy in the world. After the one riding me came, I laid them both down and fucked them on the edge of the bed, taking turns fucking their pussies. I then started to cum so I told them to get on their knees. My plan was to cum on their faces but the original girl sucked so good that I told her to finish me off. Right when I came I grabbed her head and shoved my dick down her throat. I came so hard and so much she pulled away and spit some up but swallowed a lot of it. The other girl started to lick the cum the other one had spit up off my dick. In turn I had a little left and I was still able to shoot some on the other girls face. They continued suck my dick until it lost its stiffness and they just started to make out. I just laid there sweating like a fucking mad man, but I was just in utter joy. After that might we didn’t have anymore threesomes but I did keep fucking original girl until she moved away.

NSFW: yes

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