One night with my ex

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My ex and I have been divorced for 7 years. She’s married now. For 2 years. Been with the guy for 5 all together. She’s unhappy married and extremely unsatisfied!
So about 3 weeks ago my ex sends me a message. “Snap” is what I got. So I go get on snapchat. I discover her snap. Man it was glorious! Ok she’s over 5ft 120lbs 33 c cup blond blue eyes. Hot! She sent me a snap of her naked. Nipples pieced. I respond. She send more naughty pics. I’m getting hard. She asks to see so I send her pics in return. So we go back and forth. She’s sending videos of her masterbaiting. Squirting ect! I’m telling her I wanted to pound her! She says “come get me.” I didn’t wast time. I drove straight to her house. She sneaks outs. Her husband was sleeping. She got in my car and I starting driving.
I made it to the end of the road and she took her shorts off and guided my hand to her wet kitty. I started playing with it. Her Moans had me rock hard. It was so hard to drive. She didn’t want to wait to get to my house. I was playing her g spot like a Violin. I found a forest service road asap. She told me to hurry up.
So I stopped in a good spot and it started immediately. She started taking my close off! I took her shirt and bra. I moved over and slide my big fat cock in her wet pussy! It was heaven! I started thrusting. She cried out in pleasure! We went went at it. I mad her Squirt multiple times! She got on all fours and I eat her out! I slid in and was feeling her amazing tits pounding as hard as I could. I didn’t last long after this. I busted inside of her and she pushed back and grinded on my cock! We stayed like that for a short time. I pulled out and she moaned again.
We cleaned up and I dropped her back off at home. I drove home and I cant stop thinking about it.
Lete know of u want more stories of my ex. I have more!

NSFW: yes