One massage I’ll never forget. – Short Sex Story

I hooked up with this chick on tinder and soon after we planned to meet up and fuck.

She invited me over we were hanging out, hooked up before we took it into her bedroom. When we got into the bedroom she asked *”do you want a body massage first?”* before we fucked. Of course I said yes.

I’m laying on my stomach, naked. She oiled my back and her tits and slid body to body, her tits on my back. She gently ran her hands up my back then down and over my ass, between my legs and grabbed my cock from underneath and repeated for what felt like 10 minutes.

We then played around and fucked for a good while. It was one of the best sex experiences I have had and I contribute that to the massage before hand.

Fuck it was pure euphoria.

NSFW: yes

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