on the way to a party and at party (public)

so my and the girlfriend are driving to a party and she is dressed all sexy in a short skirt black a pair of semi sheer black panties low cut top blue-grey no bra and boots up to her knees.. she is driving me crazy being bratty and i finally get fed up with her being bratty and pull over to a parking lot and drive to the very back behind the store to am empty part of the parking lot semi out of view of the street though in view of the freeway.

she asks me what are you doing we are supposed to be gonna that party. I turn off the car and turn towards her and say why are you being so bratty. she looks down and mumbles something so low I cant hear what , I say speak up and look at me. she looks up and says not sure I think I’m just am excited about the party. I tell her well that’s obvious you are dressed very sexily. she is wearing a short skirt black that only just barely covers her ass with black panties that are partly sheer but not obviously along with a loose fitting deep plunging top that shows her cleavage no bra topped off with boots with 3 inch heels and a beret with a black and deed blue lined pattern. I look at her and say maybe to calm a little while I am driving and not be bratty, as I say that she watches me intently and try’s to tickle me with a grin on her face. I grab her hand as she does that lean in and say guess you need some punishment since you are still acting bratty. she looks down and says yes sir.

I look around and at the freeway she follows eyes to the freeway and says ppl can see us here, and I say that’s perfect and reach over and pull her tits out of her shirt she starts to move down in the seat ( she likes to show off her body but gets very shy about it in public) and I say NO you sit up straight and in view so anybody that looks over on that freeway can see your tits ( the freeway is moving slow (10-20 mph) due to traffic. she sits up straight and we sit there a few minutes a couple cars honk and I smile and she turns a new shade of red. as we are sitting there traffic starts to slow even more ( there must be an accident or something) and now more ppl have even more opportunity to see her sitting there bare chested basically. we actually here a couple of whistles and a few more horns at that point I notice she is sliding down in her seat again.

I turn my head to look directly at her she notices and starts to sit up, I say too late, she pouts and says quietly you know I am shy in public like this. I look her in the eye and say I know that is why its a punishment now you get more punishment. her eyes widen a bit and she says what pauses and says yes sir.

I think on it for a moment and decide on what I am gonna do and look at her and tell her take off your panties. she looks at me and says right here? I say right here right now and the more you stall the worse it gets. she say but, and I say you heard me. she reaches under her skirt lifts her butt and pulls her panties down and then down her legs and over her boots gingerly and starts to reach for her purse, I say NO give them to me. she hands me her panties, I hold them up and notice the crotch is damp. I look at her and say your wet little miss aren’t you. she says yes sir I am and blushes. I tell her see you are being bratty you are all wet and yet disobeying and trying to hide from your punishment. she says yes sir I am sorry, I say well now for the rest of your punishment, she looks at me and says you taking my panties isn’t the punishment? I say no its the preparation for the punishment, and her eyes go wide and she blushes very red.

I let her stew a moment tell her she can cover her tits and then get out of the car and walk around to her door, she is looking up at me through the open window wondering what I intend. I tell her get out of the car, she gets out straightens her skirt and I close the door. i then pull up her skirt and spank her ass hitting each cheek 2 or 3 times then rubbing her ass softly and repeat that 3 or 4 times. I then grab her and turn her ass towards the freeway and begin kissing her deeply and as we get very into kissing I reach down and put my hand on her ass and grope it. she is loving the kiss and then I begin lifting her skirt to flash her ass to the freeway holding her tight kissing her hard.. she realizes what I am doing and she puts her hand down there to try to keep her skirt down. I spin her back to where I am my back to the freeway and her facing me I pull back a little and tell her you just made it worse. she starts to talk and i push her down on her knees, she realizes what is about to happen and looks up at me. I unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock and place it on her lips, behind us we hear someone yell “hell yea make her suck it” from the freeway. I grab her head and slide my cock between her lips and begin to slowly face fuck her right there in public ( I know this is only half a punishment because she loves to suck cock but doing it so out in the open the shy part is on her mind and she is both beet red and breathing harder)just as she is really getting into it and starting to forget how out in the open we are I pull my cock out of her mouth and say stand up. she does and I turn her back to me and facing the car hood and push her over the hood of the car. she says are we…. as i lift her skirt and slide in behind her and slide my cock into her extremely wet pussy and grab her hair. i then begin fucking her pretty hard right there in full view. she has lost her ability to talk and is just moaning and lost in the getting fucked. i fuck her hard for a few minutes and whisper in her ear here it comes and slam deep into her with all 8 inches and cum hard as she lets out a little yelp and shudders having an orgasm. we stay in that position for a moment my cock inside her her recovering and I whisper in her ear almost done and kiss her ear.

as she is about to get in the car I stop her reach in and grab her iced tea that has a couple swallows of ice tea in it and hand it to her and tell her push my cum out into your drink. she says yes sir with a goofy grin on her face and a lilt in her voice, she does as I say and we get back in the car. she had put the cup back in the drink holder, I grab it hand it to her and tell her drink up your drink all of it right now. she looks at me and takes the cup and drinks the whole thing swallowing it all. I then look at her and tell her you don’t get your panties back they are gonna stay in my pocket till we get home you are gonna undoubtedly accidently flash many ppl your ass and pussy tonight and if I decide I will even let some of those that like what they see grope you. she says yes sir and I add and you will do everything I tell you to do all night no questions asked you got it, she says yes sir.

she was quiet all the way to the party and was a good girl the whole night many ppl did get views of her ass and pussy that night and about half the ppl at that party had never met either one of us. one woman I know ( an ex) even came up late in the night as we sitting on a couch in a room with about 10 ppl none of which she knew, and looked me in the eye and said I can tell you fucked her good before you got here i can see it on her face and I love the look of her pussy can I get a taste of her? we cab get a bedroom if you like. I tell her no need and told her right here is fine. i look at my gf and say lift your skirt and spread your legs for her, she complies and my ex gets on her knees and buries her face in my gf’s pussy and just goes to town going down on her as the whole room watched and a few more came in to watch. I kiss my girl deeply as she is getting eaten out and whisper in her ear and ask enjoying the party she says YES SIR loudly. I then tell her that’s an ex gf of mine eating you and I have already told her weeks ago she can come play with us if she likes. at that point my gf starts having an orgasm and some watching clap and hoot a few are groping each other. my ex pulls back and says thank you that was amazing then leans into the both of us and whispers I can taste your cum inside her, i will call you 2 soon smiles and walks away.

NSFW: yes

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