On prom night, with my friends present, I [F] misplaced my VCard. [23F]

I’m a redhead who is short and thin. I am really little but rather toned because I cross-country run and participate in track. I have a gorgeous grin and people think I’m cute, but I also burn easily and am rather pale.

This narrative takes place on prom night. My buddies and I went with our boyfriends in a group. Total: 6 of us. I was dressed in a black dress and this beautiful Tierra.

Both of my pals have been seeing their boyfriend for more than six months, and they’ve had tons of sex before and after meeting him.

I had only ever made out; I was still a virgin. I had no trouble finding guys. I’m just bashful, so I never tried to make things further.

We went to my friend’s place after prom. It was a terrific location for an after party because her mom lets us do whatever we want.

We initially started watching a movie, but it soon changed to my friends making out with their boyfriends.

After a few awkward moments, my boyfriend began kissing me. Someone dimmed the lights and turned on music as the movie came to a close. I simply kept making out because I was so into it.

The kissing noises gradually changed into hushed breaths. I discovered that my pals were either being eaten alive or being fingered under their clothing.

I felt so hot listening to it. Hearing other people perform actions is quite alluring.

I kept kissing my boyfriend in the hopes that he would move. I could know my friends were having sex right then and there from the sounds I could hear.

Now that I was extremely horny, I reached beneath my dress and removed my underwear. As I eased them off my ankles, I could feel the heat coming from my pussy.

He started fingering me after he got the hint. I started making noise at this point. I was softly muttering and gasping. For his first attempt, it went very well.

He asked me in a whisper if I had a condom. Since about six condoms started flying in from both sides pretty quickly, it must have been louder than I wondered.

My buddies offered me some words of encouragement, asking me to enjoy myself and finish the task.

I was so drenched that he easily slid in. It was a really enjoyable debut. We put both of the other groups last. I slept essentially no sleep at all. We engaged in a variety of activities until sunrise.

NSFW: yes


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