older woman cant get enough.

[M19] i was in a bar, relaxing when a lovely lady who looked slightly older than me came over and sat next to me. I immediately offered her a drink and started a conversation, during this i could tell that she was feeling me.

This woman [F25] was explaining that she had broken up with her boyfriend recently and is getting out to get over him, i had suggested that we move to the pool room to play a game and have a laugh, she agreed!

Half way through this pool game, she was struggling so i stepped up behind her to assist her in steadying her aim. As i was leaning to help her aim she pressed her ass against my already hard dick and slowly began to feel the outline of me with her lower back.

I stepped away and offered her to come to my hotel i was staying at, she follows after picking up her coat and bag.

As we reached the door of my hotel room she placed her left hand on the base of my fully erect cock (7.5 inches and a fair girth), she giggled and walked inside.

After dropping herself onto my bed and seemingly getting comfortable between my pillows, she asked for a drink so i poured it for her.

i walked over to the edge of the bed, placing the drink on the side. as i leaned downwards she placed a leg between mine and asked for me to help remove her heels and tights.

Placing a hand up her skirt to lower her tights, she placed her hand over mine and moved it just over her clit, i could feel that she was soaked so i pretended to ignore it and continued to take off her skirt, she unbuckled my belt and placed her lips around the tip of my dick through my boxer shorts.

as her finger nail broke the elastic of my boxers, lowering them down she began to stroke my throbbing, dripping cock.

i place my hand into her panties and slowly teased her clit until she had ended up begging for my fingers to enter her.
I nodded yes and pushed her back onto the bed, from there i finger fucked her and caressed her gorgeous pussy with my tongue.

She jolted upright and began licking my dick from tip to base and spitting on the end of me, as she choked and salivated all over my dick i grabbed a pillow to place below her hips to ensure i could fill her with every inch of my length.

i had her lay back and i slowly slid inside her sopping wet pussy, after giving her some passionate thrusts i began to give her the full orgasmic experience of my young dick.

after 15 minutes of deep, momentous love making and occasional kisses of motivation, she had cum 3 times and was laying on my bed – face covered in makeup and saliva, shaking from her abdomen down to her toes.

i stood up laughing and commenting on how she would never experience such love again, she agreed with a sarcastic side eye and asked me to come closer again.

She rolled over onto her stomach and arched her back until her pink-red pussy was on display, glistening with her own discharge.

Easing myself into her again, i gripped onto her waist and had her take my whole length, balls deep. As i pulled her back she moaned with a tightened grip around my cock.

I slowly slid in and out of her pussy until she decided that doggy was to much for her. she turned back around and gave me a look that i have never seen before, she reached onto my shoulder and pushed me back.

As she crawled over my dick, spitting on it and stroking it, she stared and didnt break eye contact.

she crouched over me and slid half of my length inside of her and i whimpered at this sudden new feeling, my whimper made her go deeper and i was immediately about to cum, my throbbing dick slipped out and she dropped down between my knees and sucked me dry.

never in my life had i felt a better feeling.

she swallowed my load and began to kiss me with more passion than earlier, amidst the steamy kissing, she murmured the words:

“this is perfect, give me this again, and again, and again.”

skipping forward as the rest was just kissing and talking…

after we madeout she was still soaked and was covered in makeup and had her own fluids all over her hands and i was covered from abdomen down to my knees in her squirt, i helped her into my shower and we hopped in together.

during the shower she told me that she could barely stand and asked if she could stay..

of course i said yes.

we got out of the shower and got into robes, jumped into bed and threw the tv on.

i ended up falling asleep with her cuddled into my right arm.

the next morning i was awoken by a wet bed, i was petrified. Anyways, i lift up my bed sheet to reveal her sucking my dick like it was life or death. she stopped sucking and said:

“im sorry, after last night i needed to make sure your cum actually tasted that good.”

because this was her way of apologising i couldn’t help but laugh and push her back down onto my dick.

I ended up cumming twice and then we cleaned up and went to get food!

At the breakfast bar, i needed to use the toilet but all were under work besides the mother and child toilet. I hurried in and she decided to follow me in, i finished my piss and washed my hands but she stood before the door and pulled out a condom from her bag.

we hadn’t used a condom the night before but i was down anyway, i ended up making her cum and using her cum as lube so i could slide in easier and i came almost a minute later. (that was great!!!)

we left the breakfast bar after eating and fucked from 2pm -> 5:30pm, this was messy but i am seemingly a good cleaner.

during that session she had cum 6 times and squirted a countless amount, i had cum twice but still loved pleasuring her.

we said our goodbyes after this and she left for the train station, we have linked 4 times since and all experiences were brilliant.

NSFW: yes

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  1. senorvato

    If you think older is 25, they’re just getting started. Wait until you experience them 40+ WOW!

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