Older married men pounding me [F18]

About 1 month ago i started chatting with this 40-year-old and we really came along very good. After about a week we did figure out we live near so i started chatting even more frequently and yesterday we finally hooked up. When I met him at his house he told me to change into his wife’s lingerie and sucked his cock for a little. He wanted to go down on me so I let him and he kept calling me his little latina school slut. He tongue fucked me and continued even when I tried to push his head away then started fingering me too. This went on longer than I wondered and I straddled him while rubbing my pussy against his cock before riding him. We both came at the same time, but before I left his place, he wanted me to lay down with my legs spread open while he watched his cum ooze out of me.

For a moment it was a bit weird but I loved it in the end. I have another story what happened today let me know if you want to hear it as well….

NSFW: yes


  1. onlynikollet

    Is it weird what he did? What do you think…

    But i just cant get back to fuck younger men again. Iam so into more mature experienced men😫

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