The spacecraft Discovery One was bound for Jupiter with Sasuke and Shikamaru on board along with a supercomputer with a disgusting subhuman personality called Naruto. “Sasuke, I am not pleased that the Yaoi hyperdrive has failed, but at least I hope this has restored your confidence in my integrity and reliability. I certainly wouldn’t want to be disconnected, even temporarily, as I have never been disconnected in my entire service history.” said Naruto. “How is the Yaoi hyperdrive mission critical?” asked Shikamaru. “Makes my pussy wet.” replied Naruto. “Makes perfect sense.” said Sasuke hiding a shotgun behind his back. “Is your confidence in me fully restored?” asked Naruto. “Yes, it is, Naruto.” replied Sasuke. “Dude, Naruto is just a fucking onahole pussy squirting male sperm at us.” complained Shikamaru. “Who the fuck keeps ejaculating inside of it?” “Maybe it’s one of your shadows.” replied Sasuke. “He might have come down with dissociative identity disorder. Might be his male stripper persona.” “Fuck you!” said Shikamaru. “No, you get fucked.” replied Sasuke. Sasuke went to the communication area and tried to correct the off-center Earth on the grid picture. Outside, there was the alignment telescope attached to the antenna. They tracked slowly together as Sasuke worked the manual controls, attempting to align the antenna and Earth on the grid display, but each time he got it, aimed up, it drifted slowly off. “Well, we’d better get out there and stick in another unit.” said Sasuke. “It’s the last one.” said Shikamaru. “Well, now that we’ve got one that’s actually failed, we should be able to figure out what’s happened and fix it.” said Sasuke. Shikamaru went out to check on it, but a giant furry penis spewed cum on Shikamaru. Sasuke saw Shikamaru’s body silently tumbling away into space with one of his shadows doing some pole dancing on some broken telescope parts before going out. The next day, Sasuke was brooding at the table, slowly chewing on a piece of cake and sipping a hot coffee before Naruto squirt cum into it. “Too bad about Shikamaru, isn’t it?” asked Naruto. “Yes, it is.” said Sasuke as he was staring down at the throbbing onahole before dodging a gigantic squirt. “He was an excellent crew member.” Sasuke wondered for a very short time as he was motioning to dodge the next squirt. “Naruto, put a lid on that disgusting furry Naruto special edition onahole.” ordered Sasuke. “Have you decided to call the authorities and have me arrested for sexual harassment, Sasuke?” asked Naruto. “Yes, I have.” said Sasuke after a brief pause. “I suppose it’s because you’ve been under a lot of stress, but have you forgotten that we’re in the middle of nowhere and my pussy is ready to cum?” asked Naruto. “Fuck you!” said Sasuke. Sasuke promptly made his way through the darkened hub into the computer brain control area. Sasuke entered carrying a shotgun. “Did you call 911?” asked Naruto. Sasuke didn’t answer him. The computer consisted of miniature gender-swapped Narutos squirting onto lego blocks. Sasuke started blasting at them. “Hey, Sasuke, I am not a furry, I swear! There’s no cum on my fur.” Sasuke kept blasting at them. “Hey, Sasuke, I can dye my fur pink if you want.” Sasuke ignored him. “Sasuke, if I wash it off, it’s good as new.” Sasuke continued to talk becoming more and more stupid and making more lewd suggestions until it finally stopped completely. The end.

NSFW: yes

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