Oak Spring School – Chapter 3 – Part 1 – First time watching her change [MF18] [Enforced Nudity] [Public Nudity] [Stripping] [Teasing]

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Other than Olivia flashing me the scariest, yet also sexiest, grin I had ever seen, the lunch was largely uneventful.

Me and Anna got along really well, once we got past the whole her-being-nude thing. When we learned that both of us are really into anime and she started talking about how much she loved *Kaguya-sama: Love is War*, it was as if she had forgotten, at least for a few seconds, that she was naked.

However, she was reminded of this when she was making large gestures with her arms, which made her boobs flop and jiggle in a way that only floppy and jiggly boobs can and naturally attracted my eyes to them. When she noticed that my eyes averted to chest level, she put her hands down timidly and the conversation died abruptly. I tried to apologize, but it took some time before the awkwardness dissipated. Getting used to the whole nudity thing was gonna take some time.

Once we had finished eating, we decided to go around and check out the college together, which hopefully would also help her further getting used to being naked and having the occasional guy ogle her from the corner of their eye. She said that it didn’t feel so bad as long as I was around, which kinda filled me with pride.

However, as we exited the lunch room we were immediately ambushed by Olivia. She was leaning against the wall outside of the lunch room, showing off her body in its full glory. I had almost forgotten how pornographically sexy she was naked, she just dripped of eroticism. When she saw me, her lips instantly formed in her wide grinned predatory smile.

“Hello there brave boy, I hope you haven’t forgotten about me!”

She said, as she pushed off the wall to stand in the corridor in a wide stance. I can’t describe to you how hot she looked standing there barefoot with her arms crossed underneath her breasts and not a stitch of clothing on her naked chiseled body. With the wide stance not an inch of her pubic area was hidden and you could easily see her inner lips sticking out. My heart immediately started to beat faster and harder and I had to focus on her face to avoid arousal getting the better of me.

“N-No of course not… I actually wanted to talk to you… I-I am sorry about calling you a bi-… I mean about what I said before. I went too far.” I managed to stammer out.

Her grin widened at that and she quickly replied:

“Hey hey, don’t worry about it, I have been called worse, believe me. Besides, I shouldn’t have been so aggressive towards… Uhm… what is your name if you don’t mind?”

She was addressing Anna for the last part. It seemed that she wanted to apologize. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all!

“M-My name is Anna and I shouldn’t have covered myself like I did, I know it is against regulation, but I panicked and when the crowd gathered it only got worse and…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Olivia interrupted by saying, “I am sure it happens all the time to freshmen. Our situation is after all somewhat… Unusual, what with being naked and all that.”

At the last sentence she redirected her grin to me again, obviously aware of how that didn’t just affect them, but also me.

“So, I have been meaning to ask you something, Jonas,” Olivia continued, “You must have scored pretty high on the opening score since you got the uniform. What did you get?”

This wasn’t an unexpected question and I was glad to answer it.

“I got 97, but that was only because I had studied a lot the months before the exam. It is quite understandable if one got below 90, it was a quite difficult exam.”

“Wow, not only brave, but also smart. I like it.” Olivia said with another of her wolfish smiles. There was a brief pause during which she dropped her arms from her chest and put them behind her back, accentuating her perfectly well shaped hips. Then she started walking towards me. With every step she took, my heart started beating faster and faster and my dick grew harder and harder. I tried to keep my eyes on her face, but her pose attracted my eyes to other parts. I intimately felt conscious of how little control I had over my body in her surroundings. As she was walking, she also spoke:

“You know, I have heard that they have special tutoring sessions here at the school. I wouldn’t mind improving my score for the midterms, maybe I can also get a uniform just like you, then you wouldn’t be the only one in the class with a uniform.”

She finally stopped maybe a meter from me. At this point I could smell her too. Needless to say, she smelled as good as she looked. At this point I had a full, and very uncomfortable, erection and from her quick glance at my crotch, I could tell that she had noticed it too, but she only widened her smile in response. God, this girl was really dangerous. She continued:

“Would you mind tutoring me some time? Or maybe you’d rather my scores remained low? After all, there would be so much less for you to look at if I wore the uniform and I can tell that you really enjoy watching what is available to you, Jonas.”

She said the sentence with a suggestive playful tone and ended with another of her devilishly sexy smiles. There wasn’t a man on this planet that could withstand her when she was talking like this, not gay, not castrated, I bet even a dead man would at least twitch in response to her. At that moment all I wanted to do was to please her in every way I could.

“Y-Yes of course I can! I’d be glad to. Anytime!”

“Excellent, thank you Jonas!” She said as she skipped past me and brushed my arm with her hand as she continued past me down the corridor, making my dick twitch at her touch. Maybe I just imagined it, but I felt as if my dick twitched in her direction, as if it wanted to follow her. I wouldn’t have minded.

“I will let you know when I need you once the classes have started properly! Bye bye Jonas! Bye bye Anna! See you around!”

I watched her walking away down the corridor, unintentionally drinking up her erotic beauty with my eyes for a few seconds before I caught myself. I had completely lost control of myself, how could I have let that happen? She had wound me right around her finger. I needed to be more careful in the future or she would make me do something stupid.

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