“ O I know you want it “

Let me fill you in, I’ve been bsf with this girl since 6th grade we go way back. She’s been the out of pocket one while I was the introvert who was shy, Was that way until as of lately

for the past two years I’ve been Buff, Strong and recognized as scary within our friend groups. Me and Her have at all times been platonic but there’s been times i’ve wondered about her……. i couldn’t help it she’s latina, 5’3, she has a crazy small butt but she has Double D full tits and she’s at all times wearing something to show them. I have experience with girls here and there but she……. in High College………….. a lot of guys got at that pussy and ended up fighting a lot of guys because of the situations she got in.

I’m hella chill and relax, she once invited me over to hang out to catch up and chill and all that. We talked about how she Sworn off guys for the past 2yrs or so and I was happy for her. I was chilling in her chair while she was on her bed, I was playing with her dogs chew toy. We caught up and all that until the conversation got Spicy.

I dated her friend but it ain’t workout but she brought up and talked about it, it got spicy when i heard
“ I know y’all broke up on not the best terms but she told everyone you gave her the best dick ever “ She said
I started die laughing, playing it off all cocky but explaining to her why we split and how our sex life was because I tell her everything
“ Damn I never knew you was fucking out here like that “ She said and We both Laughed and chilled some more, talked. She wanted to show me a tiktok so I walked over to her bed and got next to her to watch and then we chilled while i was sitting up in bed next to her laying down.

She then told me about one of her old hoe stories that sort of disgust me but the way she talks about it makes me Hard.
“ See this is why u can’t discover a husband “ I said
“ Ahh i’ll be fine, Niggas still want this “ she said while grabbing her tits and I noticed her not wearing a bra i saw her nipples through
“ Ayo where’s your bra ? I ain’t tryna see all that “ I said
“ I’m in my own home, of course I’m going to be comfortable, Bra’s hurt “ She said
“ Yes but im here “ I said
“ Ahhh you’ll be fine, Ik you want it “ She said as I give her the side eye
“ Yeah as if I want to fuck you after how many guys did “ I said laughing
“ O shut the fuck up this Pussy is just that good “ She said.
She’s gotten around but one thing i’ve been curious about is how so many guys stay wrapped around her finger cause I know it’s not personality so I was at all times curious if her pussy was that good but Just Nooooo
“ Yea yea wtv u say “ I said
“ Oooh you don’t think I do, I don’t wanna hear it I bet your dick small as fuck “ She said
“ Your friend already told you I got that good shit “ I said while she’s sitting up and we’re both in each others faces
“ She could’ve lied, I bet you couldn’t handle this pussy, make niggas cum in a min “ She said
“ My shit make shorties cream and rethink life “ I said Hyping myself up as the banter got me hard
“ Look at me, we both know you can’t handle it “ she said
“ Yea like my BBC can’t handle your flat ass “ I said laughing “
“ Fuck you, I still got these “ she said as she lifted up her shirt flashing me her tits making me rock hard and horny. So I grabbed her hand
“ And I got this “ I said putting it on against my hard on locking eyes saying what’s up with my eyes
“ Give it to me and let me see what she’s talking about “ She said referring to my Ex
“ what happened to no guys “ I said
“ O your bestie and we both know I need Dick “ She said and I only took benefit

She dragged my joggers off and my boxers and whipped it out looking at it with a look of enjoyment before Sucking me off. Sucked my dick so good I WAS GOING TO GO CRAZY. Gripping on her bed sheets, rolling my eyes, Sucking my dick so Fucking good i forgot everything before I came like this and letting her win I dragged her hair up and I decided fuck it. I picked her flipped her over on the bed and ate her out and fingered her, knowing her hoe stories i’d never do this but knowing what she did to me I decided to One up her. My head game and finger game is legendary so I went at it and she moaned and moaned
“ Fuck fuck fucking fuck me already “ She moaned and I got up over her and gave it to her. Her Pussy was hella good but I decided to ruin her being the only black guy to fuck her. Made her scream my name and made her submit watching her tits fly all over the place
“ CUM IN ME, CUM IN ME, FILL ME UP WITH THAT WARM SWEET CUM, I NEED IT “ she screamed knowing my breeding kink and god not so long after I was pining her arms down as I unloaded my loads of cum inside her.
“ Hahaha knew that would get you “ She said as my cum is inside of her hesitant to drip out.

NSFW: yes

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