“Nothing happened here.” [M21/TF21] – Short Sex Story

There she was. Yes. She. She had just come out of the closet. Drunk. Alone. Bella couldn’t handle the fact that she lost her friends all of a sudden. And even at this houseparty, she couldn’t discover new people that would accept her.

Enzo didn’t even. He had a thing for women with dicks. No, just for dicks really, but he wouldn’t dare to accept that as a normal jock. Instead, he would suppress each urge, with the excuse of being ‘too horny to think’ or ‘fetishizing a pure fantasy’.

He had enough though. Wanted to act on those lustfull fantasies he had. When he saw Bella walking to a room, and laying down, Enzo joined her, after locking the door secretly.

“And now what?” She drank up the alcohol in her cup. “You’re here to bully me? Mock me? What?”

Enzo stayed quiet, and slapped her as hard as he could. Her cheek got just as red as her top.

He turned her around before she could even react. She had drunked too much for that, in contrast to him.

He didn’t say much, but had effectively gotten her naked. Bella shaved. She expected sex from this party somehow. And she was gonna get it, although she didn’t outright say “yes” to it.

The athlete now behind her, was still sober, but thinking with another head.

His pants were already off, along with his underwear.

“Stay still”, he commanded while putting on the condom.

Bella was still in shock. She…she barely knew him. He wasn’t the ‘main alpha’, but here she couldn’t have asked for someone more dominant.

He entered her ass. She moaned of relief, putting in all her voice training to work.

But…but it didn’t go as expected. He gave a slight moan when he entered her with his hands gripping her ass hard.

Unfortunately for him, it was cut off all too early. He came immediately.

With a dissatisfied face, he pulled out quickly. He took off his condom, and threw it in the trashcan next to the bed.

“Nothing happened here.” He said quietly, as he made sure she got the message.

Soon after, she was there again. In the bed. Drunk. Alone.

NSFW: yes

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