Nothing beats a morning quickie


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I rolled over this morning and wrapped my arm around my sleeping husband. With my bare breasts pressed against his back, I reached into his boxers and began stroking his cock. The soft moan that he let out had me instantly wet and needy.

As he hardened, he rolled onto his back for me. Without a word said between us I wet my hand with my tongue as he slid his boxers down. His dick springing forth to greet the morning sun pouring through our bedroom window. I slicked my slippery hand across the crown just before mounting that gorgeous cock.

A throaty groan escaped me as I sunk down, letting him fill me. I put my hand to his face, allowing him to smell the juices from my sweet pussy, as I began to ride him.

He moaned again, “Fuck, don’t move that hand”. He grabbed my hips and helped me ride him while he took long huffs of that sweet scent.

It was only a minute before I came aside on top of him. “That’s right, come for Daddy. That’s a good girl.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m coming. You feel so good.”

His hands dug into my hips as he urged me to come again. “I can’t Daddy

“Yes you can. Now come for Daddy like a good girl.” He slammed into me from below, causing another orgasm to rocket through me. The pulsing of my cunt triggered his release as I milked him dry.

Sometimes it’s worth being late to work.

NSFW: yes

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