Not necessarily sex but god I wish it had been

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NSFW: yes

A few people I have told this story to think I’m lying but I kid you not, this is all true and it was the best night of my life

So I was 17 when this happened. It was my first ever music festival and the day had been absolutely spectacular. Sun was shining, everyone was so excited and hyped, the place was absolutely packed, there were rides and even though they were all cover bands, the music was amazing. Green day was the first cover band on when we arrived so things were already off to an awesome begin. Everyone was dressed awesomely, it was the first time I had dressed up proper alt and punk which I’d wanted to do for ages and my outfit even got complimented a few times.

So after it got dark and we were heading well into the night, the final band as Bon Jovi, of which I am a enormous fan of their music. During one of the song, I think it was ‘its my life’, I looked to my left and in the crowd there was this absolutely beautiful women. You won’t believe me but I’m telling you, she was STUNNING.

She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, a gorgeous face and she was wearing, I think it was a darkish purple dress with reflective tassels and like a green blazer type jacket over it. Anyway, she looks my way and catches my eye so after a second I kinda look away because I’m pretty awkward. But then she comes over to me and we actually begin talking and having a genuine conversation. I told her it was my first festival and she gave me some great advice on making sure I enjoy myself and try not to worry so much about teenage problems.

During ‘bed of roses’, we had our arms around each other because everyone was kinda swaying as we all sung along. And her had wet from my shoulder…down to my ass lmao, again NOT making this up I swear lol. I make the boldest move I ever have in my life and put my hand round her waist and she smiles this amazing smile at me.

A couple minutes later, her sister finds us in the crowd and she introduces me to her, at this point we’ve kinda formed our own kind of group within the crowd. During the song ‘living in on a prayer’, we looked at each other and (I know this is cringe but I was a 17 year old with very little female experience) so I openly asked “Can I kiss you?” to which she giggled and said yes. And it as possibly the greatest moment of my whole life lol………..And there’s more

Sorry for this being so long but I just need to get this story out there, its the one night of my life where I felt damn good about myself. This is where most people tell me I’m lying lol

a couple minutes later, she’s dancing with another guy and girl from our group and I’m dancing with her sister who I’ve talked to a bit now. We look at each other. And after a few moments of not saying anything. SHE grabs my face and pulls me into a kiss. I felt like a god honestly. I will never feel better in my life.

I made out with them both a few more times and they didn’t care, in fact they were laughing and cheering the whole time. I wish I could have stayed but my ride showed up so I had to head home. We said goodbye and hugged, saying how glad we were to have met each other that night.

And I went home absolutely buzzing from that experience. Thank you for sticking with me

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