Not my (F22) typical beach day.

The summer had really arrived and the heat was almost to much for me to handle. There were no other options but to pack my stuff up and head to the beach. I found my sunscreen and started applying it generously, i did not want a repeat of last year when i was so burned that i almost couldn’t sit down for days. I put on my bikini and took a look at myself in the mirror, i realized that it covered a little less then i really was comfortable with but there isn’t anything I could do about that right now.

The car was scorching hot inside and had to open all of the windows to get some air flowing and that could be a little irritating because my long blond hair would be all over the place and sometimes get in my mouth. As i got to the intersection where i would turn down to get to my usual beach spot i hesitated, if i went just a little bit further on this road i would get to a more secluded part of the beach, the nude beach section. I had never even considered going there before, i was way to shy for that. Very few people had seen me naked before, just my parents when i was young and my older sister. I have only had sex with two guys before and i at all times made sure it was dark and under the covers so even they haven’t seen anything. But today i found myself driving past my usual spot towards they nude section. My heart was racing and i couldn’t believe what I was doing.

When i got to the parking lot i got even more scared, there was a lot of cars there. I just sat i my car and asked myself: “What the hell are you doing?” Was i really gonna do this? While i was sitting there thinking the inside of the car just got warmer and warmer in the sun, and i just could take it any more. I grabbed my towel and water bottle, took a deep breath and got out of the car.

I didn’t know where to look as i made my way down the beach. Trying to mind my own company and still try to discover a spot on the beach that gave my at least a little illusion of privacy. I found myself a spot that was fairly open, maybe about 25ft to the people around me and began to lay my towel out. I took my shorts of and sat down. My t shirt came of and i was sitting there in my bikini. This was it, i was so scared, was i really going to do this? I took a deep breath and untied my top, took a short look around and pulled it off. My fairly big ç cup boobs was exposed to the wind for the first time and it felt amazing. My nipples tuned rock hard and i loved it. I lifted my butt up and pulled my bikini bottom down and took them off my ankles. I was now completely naked, for all to see. I felt so embarrassed and at the same time so amazing and free.

I was laying on my stomach on my elbows and for the first time took a propper look around, now that i was naked and on display it felt a little less weird to take a look at the other naked people. To my surprise many of the people on the beach that day was my own age. I was more expecting the beach to be filled with men over 60 but this was not the case. Pretty close to me was a couple in their mid 20s and there was a few guys who were at the beach alone laying not far from them. This made me feel better and that i wasn’t a complete freak for being there.

As time went by i got a little tougher and flipped over to my back. Having my naked body soak up the sun felt incredible, boobs on display and feeling the wind hit my cute little landing strip above my pussy. I was almost drifting off to sleep when i heard someone getting close to me. One of the cute guys who was laying over by the couple was coming over to me. I felt my heart beating faster. Even though i wasn’t a virgin, i had never really seen a cock before. I had touched them but only in the dark. His penis was quite big, maybe like 5.5inches soft, and it was swinging from side to side as he was walking over. He asked me politely of it was okay that he talked with me and i obliviously accepted. I sat up and offered him some room on my towel. He sat down and we started talking. He told me he had seen me as i came to the beach and had debated with himself of he should come talk to me or not be he didn’t want to come off as creepy, i just laughed. We sat there and talked about random things for a good while, i liked him a lot, he was funny and seemed kind. Suddenly i realized that i had been sitting for a while with my legs quite far aside and he had a perfect view right at pussy. I could feel myself getting red and hoping he wouldn’t notice. After a while i had to sneak a look at his cock and it was amazing, he was completely shaved, i could see the veins and his big balls. Suddenly he apologized, he had noticed that i was looking at his cock and told me that there was some life in it because of the view i had given him. He told me that my pussy lips just made it too hard for him not to have a little cock growth. I smiled and opened my legs a little wider. He ran his hand down his stomach and gently pulled on his cock and big shaved balls. I’m sure he could almost see the juices starting to drip out of my pussy.

After a while i stood up and told him to follow me, i took his hand and started to walk towards a small patch of woods right behind the beach. We walked hand in hand in to the woods and i soon found a little clearing with tree that had fallen over. I wrapped my arms around him and my boobs was pressing against his chest. I could feel his cock on my stomach. I kissed him gently. I ran my hands down his chest and finally reached his cock. It was warm and soft. I felt his penis getting harder in my hand and it turned me on so much. I slowly begin stroking it as i place my other hand on his big shaved balls. He is kissing me passionately and kissing me down my neck. His hand is on my right boobs and soft pinching my nipple. Suddenly he flips me around, bending me over the fallen log. He squats behind me and spreads open my ass. I normally avoid showing in public showers because I’m embarrassed and her i am, outdoor, bent over a log with his face like 8 inches away staring directly at my pussy and asshole and I’m loving it. I can feel his tongue hit my clit and my knees almost collapse. He runs his tongue from my clit, over my swollen pussy lips and all the way to my asshole. It is the most amazing feeling i have ever felt. He keeps eating my wet pussy and ass from behind. He stops licking and pulls be off the log and he sits down on it. I kneel between his legs and finally get to take a good look. His cock must have grown to about 8inches now, it’s much bigger than the other guys I have been with. I wrap my hand around it and slowly starts stroking it. His big balls moves up and down with my hand. The head of his cock is wet from his precum. I have to taste this. I run my tongue from the bottom of his balls, up his shaft all the to the top. I lick all over his big soft shaved balls and suck them in to my mouth. I lick the precum of the tip of his cock and tast him. I’m dripping wet at this moment. I slowly lower my head down on his big hard cock. Taking it as deep a I can. I suck faster and faster, it feels amazing. I stip, bend over and tell him: Please fuck my tight little pussy now, i need it so bad. He places the head of his penis against my soaking wet pussy and slowly pushes it in. His big fat cock fills and stretches my tight little pussy hole so good, he fills me up like i have never felt before. He fist fucks me slowly in long strokes, making me feel every inch of him. Then i speeds up, he fucks me hard, i moan with every thrust, his big balls slap against my clit and makes the experience even better. Then i feel a wet thumb against my asshole, i have never had anything up there before, ever, and he slowly pushes it in, filling both my holes. That brings me over the edge, a big cock stretching my pussy and a finger in my virgin asshole is just too much for me and i begin to come. Knees shaking, uncomfortable moaning, eyes rolling back in my head, the whole package. As I’m done coming turn around and get on my knees, and i begin jerking his big wet cock right in front of my face. It doesn’t take long before he shoots the biggest load i have ever seen to this day all over my face and tits. Like he is really covering my entire face.

We walk hand in hand out of the woods, just as we had done when we walking in, just this time his cock was still semi hard and i was completely covered in cum. We walked straight to the water, not caring that anyone could see it and washed off. We got back to the towel and continued to talk and sunbathe for a while longer.

It was a good day

NSFW: yes

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  1. Hornyasfack

    Hot! My cock is throbbing and I cant wank till the morning Dx. Damn, mind sending me something that will help me when I wake up 😉🤤? Anything to help me kickstart my imagination 😛.

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