I was at home that night with my roommate, nothing unusual. She had a date earlier that night and she came home disappointed, still nothing unusual. As soon as she came home, we started drinking beers and having a chat. After a few beers, she said she wanted to drink something stronger tonight. I told her that we couldn’t because we only had beer. “I didn’t mean that!” she said. “I mean i should be swallowing cum right now. I did everything to hint the guy that i wanted to suck him but he just didn’t understand.” I laughed and said “You can’t even get to suck a dick.” but she was not annoyed. Now, that was unusual. I all the time joke about her dates and she gets mad, but not this time. She said she was gonna change her clothes and left the room. Later, she called me to her room. She was pushing something under the bed with her feet as i got there. She was wearing what she all the time wears around the house. Her favourite sweatshirt and shorts. She asked me if she should change the sweatshirt. “No, you always wear this. It’s nice.” i said. “Well i’m going to change anyway. I gotta show you something i got the other day.” she said and told me to wait there. “Sit down on the bed.” she said and i did so. A few seconds later, she came back with the same sweatshirt on her. She asked me if i was ready and after i said yes she slowly took the sweatshirt off. She was not wearing a bra. “So do you like it?” she asked. “Do i like what?” i answered. “The piercing on my nipple.” she said. Did you not notice.”

“Of course i noticed but i don’t know if it wasn’t there yesterday. I have never seen your tits before.” i said.

“Yeah, that was my mistake.” she said. “I can’t do this anymore. I’m done not sucking your dick.”.

Before i had the chance to say something, she pulled me up pushing my face against her tits and i did not try to stop her. “I knew you wanted this as well.” she said. She got on her knees, pulled my shorts and boxer down, making my half erected dick bounce. “Oh, you are already halfway there.” she said. She stopped my dick’s bouncing with her mouth. Slowly sucked it and made me harder. As soon as my dick was hard, she pushed her head closer to me. My dick was all the way down her throat. I held her head and fucked her throat, getting her mouth sloppier every second. I pulled my dick out but she didn’t let me. “I AM STILL THIRSTY!” she said, i could see the bubbles in her mouth as she speaks. She started sucking me again. After a while, i told her that i couldn’t hold it anymore. She stopped and reached to grab something under the bed. She was now holding a shot glass. She sucked my dick again until i cum, she made me cum in the glass and licked the rest on the tip of my dick.

She showed me the glass and said “I’m gonna need this later.”.

NSFW: yes

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