Night Out with Girlfriend and the Crew!

So, one weekend my school girlfriend, Liz’s parents came to town to see their daughter. They seemed like decent people when I met them and we all seemed to get along. Anyway, they decided to invite me, Liz’s roommate, and a few of Liz’s other close friends out to dinner at an Italian restaurant (forgot the name) in Columbus, Ohio an hour or so from our university. Everyone decides to drive separately, so Liz goes up with her parents, the rest of the friends go together, and I drive up alone.
Oh, and they also booked us rooms at a hotel (Liz’s parents were pretty loaded).
Liz said she was gonna get ready (get changed) at the hotel, so I didn’t get a chance to see her until I got to the big city.
And OMG, did she look amazing when I saw her. Her brownish blonde hair flowing down her shoulders, her hazel eyes looking at me across the parking lot. She had on a nice tight pair of jeans that accentuated her hips and butt, and on top she had her natural Ds well displayed in a low cut v-neck top with a camisole on top to make her parents happy. I could tell that she was wearing a bra, as she usually did out in public, but her cleavage looked fantastic for it.
“You look AMAZING!”, I told her as I walked up to her.
“Thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself”, she told me as she closed the distance, giving me a peck on the cheek and pulling me into a deep embrace.
I moved in for a kiss on the lips.
“No, not here”, Liz said moving away and looking at me apologetically. “You know what dad‘s like.” I looked across the parking lot where her parents were waiting next to the car.
“Okay”, I said as I kissed her on the cheek.
“And NO looking down my shirt at my tits”, Liz said, wide eyed, catching me doing precisely that. “Do you know how bad he will explode if he sees you?”, Liz said, looking back at them with a polite wave and smile.
She held up her finger to her parents, gesturing that we would be a minute, as she dragged me back to my own parked car.
“Get in!”, she said.
I unlocked the car with the electronic key and we both got inside.
“What the fuck are you doing? You know my dad! You know he will GIVE ME hell!”
“What, does he think? That it’s 1950 and we’re still virgins”, I replied angrily. “Why do WE need to pretend for him?”
“BECAUSE, it is ME that gets in TROUBLE, RICH!!!”, Liz replied angrily. “AND, What the Fuck! Are you fucking hard?”

I follow my girlfriend’s line of sight to the obvious erect bulge in my jeans.

“Yes, it turns out I am. Sorry, this has just got to be one of my top 10 fantasies, okay…my girlfriend getting dressed up and us having angry sex…”

Liz reached across the car to grip my arm gently. She took a few deep breaths.

“We’re angry at my parents, *not eachother.* We just need to remember that.” She looked into my eyes. “Look, I know you want a sensual, romantic date, but that isn’t happening this evening. This is a big dinner for all of us.”

“I know that…”, I started.

“I wasn’t done”, said Liz. “Look, my Mom talked dad into letting us share a hotel room. OKAY. That is what I came over here to tell you!”

I looked away, shaking my head at being an idiot.

“So, if you can just *wait*…Rich”, she said, accentuating my name so that I looked back at her, “I will make it well worth your while.”

She looked at me, letting it sink in, her eyes narrowing while I absorbed her meaning.

“Now can we get out of the fucking car?!”, Liz said, pushing a few strands of hair behind her ear.

“I guess. But what about this”, I said pointing to my predicament.

“I’m not in the mood to deal with THAT at the moment”, she said, looking away. “In fact, I’m pretty pissed at you. Or at my parents. Or just this situation”, Liz said, starting to get heated again, but bringing herself back down.

“Look, let’s just get through this evening”, Liz said. “After that, we have an entire night and morning together. Okay.”


“Now, think about baseball or something so we can get out of here. I don’t want them to think we had a bad fight.”

[To be continued.]

NSFW: yes

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