New Years surprise (fiction)

My wife and I were in Chicago visiting family for the holidays and spending New years at a party at my aunt and uncles house. The younger cousins were in the basement having their own little party while the older folks were doing their thing. I’m not much for champagne so around 11:30 I told my wife I was gonna discover a bed. She said she would join me later, and I went upstairs and into the first empty bedroom I found.

A little later I heard my wife come in and take off her pants and slide into bed, she generally sleeps in panties and a shirt. I felt her tight little ass bump into my hand and gave a little squeeze to let her know I was still awake. She pushed into my hand and I got a bit excited as she generally doesn’t like to screw around in other people’s homes, much less relatives. I started to run my hand against her and slipped into her panties using my fingers to play with her asshole, something she really enjoys. She was obviously feeling frisky as she arched her back a bit to give me access to her shaved pussy. I slipped my fingers in and she was extremely wet, I continued to play with her for a bit before sliding under the covers.

A game we enjoy playing is giving each other oral with the covers over our heads, kinda goofy “mysterious” naughty fun. I pulled off her panties and started to lick up her legs, as I reached her mound I stuck my tongue in deep and felt her moan a bit as I teased her clit. I reached a hand up to tease her nipples, feeling her perky but not overly large breasts, her nipples growing hard under my finger tips as I continued to lick and suck on her clit. As I felt her begin to tense, I bored down on her clit pressing the flat of my tongue hard against her until I felt her come in my mouth. At this point I like to quickly enter her and keep her coming in a wave as I pound into her.

However as I started to enter her I noticed she was extremely tight still, much more than ordinary, so I raised up and slid forward to get some leverage to help me enter her fully. As I did so the blanket came off my head and I found myself face to face with not my wife, but my 19 year old cousin. She was in the middle of an orgasm and her eyes were closed, but when they opened I saw a look of confusion and concern on her face for a moment as her eyes opened, her long curly brunette hair framed her gorgeous face, but then it changed to a look of longing, hunger, she looked intrigued my eyes and whispered, “please, don’t stop” as her muscles relaxed and I slid fully into her she moaned deeply.

I couldn’t help myself, I started to slowly pump, in and out. She was so tight, practically felt like a virgin, I was almost concerned until I felt her begin to grind into me with a fervor. I leaned into her, pushing deep inside as I reached for her ass, squeezing each tight check as her moaning became a pant. I started to work my fingers closer to her asshole as I increased the pace. She tensed a little as I slipped a finger in, but when I got to the first knuckle inside her, and started to slide in and out of her she began to buck, and suddenly came with such a shout I was concerned the folks downstairs would hear it. She was shaking so hard I stopped to let her recover.

I was feeling rather close myself and started to slowly pump again, the contractions of her orgasm felt incredible on my cock. I started to pound into her again, pressing deep in as I squeezed her ass, pulling her deep onto me with each thrust. “I’m so close to cumming!” I practically shouted it I was in such ecstacy, she felt better than any women I had ever been with. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” She begged me through gritted teeth.

I sped up my thrusts, her breathing became a deep pant as she rode the waves of pleasure. I felt my balls tighten up as I pounded her tight pussy, I knew I was close, I looked into her eyes. The look of longing there was all I needed, I plunged all the way into her, and exploded. “Oh God I’m cumming!” I shouted as I blasted cum deep into her, my dick spasmed wildly sending her over the edge as she joined me in climax, her moan turning into a low scream as she came wildly on my cock.

I slowly extracted myself from her warm and wonderful wetness. She moaned low as we separated, clinging to each other we gasped and panted as we slowly recovered. She slowly got out of bed and gathered up her clothes, got dressed, and started to head out of the room. I didn’t want her to go, but knew my wife could be back any moment, so I remained silent. She stopped at the doorway and looked back at me smiling again and said, “see you at breakfast.”

NSFW: yes

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