New arrangement with Joe. Sunday with the business of, Dee. Part 4

Dee had taken off her halter top for Joe. She was gonna get down to her thong panties as Joe had asked. Joe’s mouth was watering from seeing Dee’s round, full tits.

All of a sudden Dee’s hands cover her bare breasts. She says, with a serious look on her now blushing face,

“I know Dotty has told me about how trustworthy and Discreet you are, Joe, but you can’t blab about any of this to anyone. I’m married…..does that bother you?, and I don’t want, or need, any serious trouble to come from something like this getting spread around, understand?”

“Oh no, I would never do that, promise.” Joe replied.

Dee smiled and says, “Well then.” And takes her hands from her titties. Dee looks at Joe and shakes her shoulders, making her tits sway back and forth, and says,

“Well? Not too bad for a 43 year old mom, don’t you think? Dotty likes them.”

I shook my head at Dee’s last remark and said, “Cut it out now, Dee. Before you start something else.”

Dee chuckled, looked at Joe, who was still devouring Dee standing there topless, and says,

“Wait a second. Joe sweetie, Dotty and I can’t be the only ones prancing around like you’d like. We like seeing things also. How about losing those shorts?”

Joe gave a quiet, “Ok”, slid from the bar stool and pushed down his cutoffs. It was Dee’s eyes that widened now at seeing Joe’s full, throbbing length of cock. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

Dee’s bottom lip went between her teeth giving me an astonished look, then says, “Oh my, honey. Looks like you could hurt a girl with that thing.”

Dee then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her high top tennies. She stepped out of it then asked me if I was gonna get a thong on or not.

I got up and went to my bedroom. I took off my shorts and wondered the panties I was wearing were sexy and just as sexy as a thong. I played along with Joe’s desire to have us in just thongs, though, and pulled on a pretty yellow one.

I didn’t remove my tank top, though, not yet. Maybe Joe will enjoy removing it. I had no idea what was gonna happen exactly yet. It was clear that Joe wanted to fuck Dee. She was really taking her time.

Maybe Dee was having doubts about getting into this with Joe. I doubt that, though, she’s already gone pretty far with this day. She was out there wearing nothing but thong panties in front of a now naked Joe, a very excited Joe.

I walked out of my bedroom where Dee was facing the bar sipping her drink. Joe was checking out her gleaming, tanned figure. If it wasn’t for the waist band of her thong, you’d think she was naked. The silk, tiny black thong covered little.

Right when I entered the living room, Joe had slid from the bar stool. He stepped up behind Dee and caressed her bare back down to her round ass cheeks.

Joe murmured about how nice Dee’s ass cheeks are. Dee turned her head smiling then said and reacted, “Nice that you think so, Joe honey. Mmm! That feels good.” Dee squirmed her ass cheeks in Joe’s kneading hands.

I stepped up to the small bar. Dee was sipping her Bloody Mary quite fast. I think one more of those and she’ll be feeling the effects. Dee made them very strong. Maybe that’s what she needed, a few stiff drinks to settle her nerves, even if she was nervous. I know I was nervous the first time I had sex with young Joe.

Joe had just reached around to the front of Dee and was squeezing her titties when I got over there. His hard cock was pressed into the crack of Dee’s soft ass.

Dee looked at me, grinning, and said, “I guess Joe wants to see if the rest of me feels soft.”

Joe, noticing me standing there with my drink, took his hands from Dee’s tits. He stepped back and looked at me and my yellow thong.

“That is so hot, Dotty.” Joe told me.

“Take off your top Dot. Let’s see those nice big tits of yours.” Dee said.

“Well, I thought Joe here might want to do that.” I answered.

Dee took the opportunity to go behind the bar to make more drinks. She said she was switching to my favorite, a whiskey Old Fashion, and asked if Joe and I wanted one too.

Joe and I said sure and he stepped up to me. I set my glass down when he took hold of the hem of my top. I raised my arms and he pulled it over my head.

I finished pulling the top from my arms.
Joe had my tits squeezed up already and started sucking my nipples.

Joe says as he moves to my other hard nipple, “MMM! I love your boobs, Dotty.”

I ran one hand over Joe’s head and upper back, gulping down the last of my drink. I told Dee not to make my drink as strong as she did the first two, then I said to the gobbling young Joe,

“You know you enjoy my breasts, honey. You tell me how much all of the time, and show it.”

Dee then pipes up and says, “I’ve enjoyed Dotty’s big hooters, too. I was always envious of Dot’s lovely, large tits.”

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NSFW: yes

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