New arrangement with Joe. Part 2.

I tossed open my robe as young, gorgeous, naked Joe stepped over. I welcomed him in, bending my legs open.

Joe got on top of me and eased inside of me until our pubic mounds mashed together. We had a very heated fuck right there on my sofa. Any time fucking with Joe is heated.

It is what it is and I have stopped thinking or worrying about the things that bothered me in the beginning. Like age difference, morality, or I should know better at my age.

Having sex with young Joe is very exciting, very pleasurable. A new experience for Joe and me both. It sounds like new experiences are to come. Things I’ve never wondered about doing before until lately and right now today.

Joe and I finished fucking, the second time already this morning. I told him I was hopping in the shower quick and to greet Dee if she arrived before I was out.

Dee did arrive before I was out of the shower. I heard them talking as I dried off in my bedroom. I pulled on shorts and a tank top and went to the living room.

Dee was behind my small bar making a drink. It wasn’t quite noon yet but I think she needed a drink to steady her nerves, maybe.

I said hi and went to the bar standing next to where Joe was seated. Dee was making bloody Marys for her and Joe, I said I’ll have one also as long as she’s bar tending.

Dee clanged our glasses, toasting to an unusual Sunday. She looked at me and Joe from over the top of her glass.

Dee came from behind the bar and sat on the other side of Joe. She was wearing a flowered halter top and a short, faded blue jean skirt that was fraying around the hem. White high top tennis shoes, looking very cute. This skimpy outfit showed off Dee’s nice tan.

Joe told Dee he really likes her outfit. Dee smiled and said “Thank you, this old stuff. Something I wear when doing chores around the house. I was doing laundry, hanging out a few things when Dotty called.”

Dotty looked at bare chested Joe sitting there, smiled, then reached over rubbing Joe’s chest.

“I like this. I like your outfit, too.” Dee said, watching her open hand caress his chest and belly.

With Dee wearing this halter top, her tummy was bare also. Joe reached across and placed his hand on Dee’s tummy. Dee rested back in the bar stool so Joe could rub her tummy, too.

I knew it would be a short time now, before Joe was horny. He rubbed over Dee’s tummy then her tanned, shapely legs were in his eyes.

“Your skin is very soft, Dee. Your legs look just as soft. Can I!” Joe asked, bringing his hand from her bare belly.

Dee swiveled slightly towards Joe. “Sure thing. Go ahead.” Dee tells Joe.

Joe’s hand went to Dee’s knee and slowly moved up her leg to the hem of her skirt. Another 2 inches and he’d be touching her pussy. I wondered that might happen. Dee’s knees were parted just enough to allow Joe’s fingers between her shapely legs. Joe squeezed Dee’s inner thigh.

“Mmm, is that ever creamy soft. Just like Dotty’s.” Joe hummed, caressing her inner thigh.

I sipped my Bloody Mary while watching Joe marvel over Dee’s soft legs. Dee’s expression indicated that she was enjoying the young man’s curious attention.

More next post.

NSFW: yes

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