New arrangement part 9.

Joe stopped fucking me and sat back on the sofa. He had an idea all of a sudden. I wondered, ‘What the hell.’ I wanted more and here he is stopping.

Joe explained his instant wondered to us. “I was thinking that with their being two of you, one of me, this might be better for you both, and I like the idea of this. Based on orgasms, yours.”

I looked at Dee and her me and we both looked like, ‘What?’

Joe continued, “I’ll have sex with one of you and when you cum, I switch to the other and we fuck until she cums. Switching back and forth like that between you two. That way everyone is being satisfied without waiting around for long. What you think?”

I raised my eyebrows at Dee, her at me. I then asked Dee what she wondered of doing that.

“I guess, I’ll try it.” Dee answered taking a gulp of her whiskey old fashion.

Joe then suggested gonna my bed because it was very large and room for everyone. Dee smiled and said that she loves my bed. Joe then stood up and asked if we should go now or did we want to wait.

I said I was fine and Dee said she was ready. We stood up and followed willing young Joe’s tight bare ass towards my bedroom. Dee snickered and softly says, “This is so naughty, Dot.”

I answered, “I know it is. That’s what makes our lewdness so exciting, right.”

Dee slapped me on the bare ass and laughed. I grinned at my friend and went into my bedroom.

Dee and I climbed into bed and got comfy on my large pillows. Dee looked at Joe standing there and asked him how come he can last so long without needing to cum.

I answered the question, “Well, Dee, your blow job for one thing, and we had sex twice before I called and invited you over.”

Joe then says, “Besides that, I love seeing you both getting off and being pleased. That’s my pleasure, what drives me, seeing you get off. Hopefully I’m doing that for both of you.”

“Sure did it for me, honey.” Dee says, smiling at Joe.

Joe then said that he was just with me on the sofa, and I had several orgasms, so he’ll begin with Dee now.

Dee’s smile left her pretty face as Joe got on the bed. She spread her shapely legs and Joe got between them. Dee looked down over her tits and watched Joe rub his cock on her slit then plug her pussy.

“I love seeing that. Seeing you go in me.” Dee said, watching Joe’s cock start to pump up in her.

“Ohh, you feel good. Mmm.” Dee murmured, placing her hands on Joe’s shoulders staring up at his young face.

Joe steadily fucked Dee and I watched my friend’s face getting rosy pink. His fat 8 inches had Dee huffing and moaning, squirming her ass into the sheets. Then she grunted loud having a hard orgasm.

When Joe felt and saw Dee’s orgasm run it’s course, he pulled out of her, Joe reached over and pulled my leg open towards Dee. He climbed on top of me and entered me quickly.

That’s how this idea of Joe’s went, leaving us both wanting more when he’d switch over to the other. I think he did this like 5-6 times going back and forth between us before he finally said he couldn’t hold back any longer.

I told Joe he could cum with Dee, she hadn’t had his hot cum shoot in her yet. I know she’d enjoy that sensation.

When Joe finished and got from between Dee’s tanned legs, we were gonna take a break and retreated back to the bar in the living room.

We had drinks, talking, laughing about Joe’s new idea. We named this, ‘The Climax Game’.

More next post.

NSFW: yes

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