Never Skip a meal..

Can not think of a time when I did not go down on my partners…quickies, long-ies, happy sex, angry sex, risky sex… all the time all the time eat her out..I love the smells the taste and everything about it.. most importantly how she feels.. watching her moan and move with every flick of my tongue, with every licks into the labia, kissing her lips, sucking ever so slowly, the occasional breath of warm air, blowing gently on the clit and sucking it again…makes her so aroused…the clit engorged… Gorgeous glistening droplets on her labia..trickling down towards her butt, which I just slowly lick up with the tip of my tongue..and while at it..lick and softly suck nice a wet that gorgeous spot between the vaginal opening and the butt.. just such a sweet sensual spot… Lick all the way down and back up to the clit again..take in all her juices and smells.. lick her things and let the the tip.of your nose gently caress her clit.. while she cums and you make sure nothing is wasted.. such gorgeous simple pleasures and so much one can do…gosh I love eating her out.

NSFW: yes

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