Never Shower Alone(Lesbian)

I met my girlfriend (we’ll call her Dez) in school freshmen year. We shared a class together and I developed something of a crush on her. At first I was too nervous to approach her, I had no idea if she was even into girls or not. Until one day I saw her come into class wearing a shirt with the pride flag on it.


We started talking, then we started fucking, then eventually we started dating. Fun times, fun times. Dez was naughty, just like me. We were both low key exhibitionists so it was only natural we would eventually fuck outside of one of our dorm rooms.

Typically I only showered a few times a week. The only physical activity I did was sex and I never really sweat that much so I tried to avoid the showers when I could. My college had like those shower rooms that a lot of school dorms have, with the stalls and whatnot. But it didn’t smell too fantastic and it was shower day.

I was pretty used to gonna the showers alone. Going with other girls made me nervous. I wondered I would get too horny to even clean myself. That’s silly yeah, but I have self-control issues sometimes, especially when it comes to pretty girls.

I was hanging out with Dez and some of her friends. At that time we weren’t fully dating yet, we we’re kinda just fucking.

I said I had to go because I had to shower. Dez asked me I was going alone, I said yes. I told her it was fine, I go alone always but she kept insisting that it’s not safe to go by yourself, she said, “Ya know…rape and stuff.”

I just rolled my eyes, “drama queen.” I wondered. She said that she could go for a shower and said she’d come up with me. She told me to meet her up at her room in 10-20 minutes and we’d walk to the showers together.

I knew instantly that she was just being dramatic and trying to get me alone. And ya know what? I was so down for it. Just thinking of her was enough to get me going. I didn’t even have to get in the shower to get wet.

I rushed to my room to grab my stuff and then patiently waited outside her door. She came out wrapped in a bathrobe carrying her shower stuff.

We walked down to the showers and went in. The room was completely empty, not a soul in sight. Perfect.

I giggled and said, “I know why you really brought me here Dez, so…what are we gonna…” before I could finish she pushed me into a shower stall and up against the wall. She dropped her bathrobe on the way over to me and she pulled mine off and tossed it out of the stall. She started kissing me. I tried saying something, anything at all but with her naked body pressed against mine I was already in a trance.

Dez switched on the shower and said, “We gotta keep this on, so no one can hear me make you scream.” I shuddered.

She started by kissing my neck, by this point in our relationship she knew which spots to kiss to make me feel good. She abused every single sweet spot and then started fingering me against the wall. With her fingers in my pussy and her mouth on my skin, it didn’t take long for me to begin quivering. I came on her fingers with a yelp.

She instructed me to stick my tongue out, before licking her fingers and kissing me so I could taste myself on her. I reached to touch her but she shooed me away and got down on her knees. Before I knew what was happening her tongue was inside me.

I grabbed her head a pushed in deeper between my legs. It felt too good I didn’t want her to move. She licked my pussy and sucked on my clit until I let out another orgasm.

After that she said she wanted to keep going back in her room but I insisted that we should really shower first. We showered together and she ended up washing my back and stuff. It was one of the first “cute couple’s things” we ever did.

We headed back to her dorm and I ended up taking care of her. I fingered her, ate her out, and rode on top of her. She came twice and we ended up cumming together at the end. Ensuring that we we’re both satisfied. After we were done we cuddled.

I ended up spending the night in her room and I needed to take another shower the next day.

The end.

I ended up cumming just remembering this story. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

NSFW: yes

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