Dreaming Of My Nephew – Incest Adult

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I had no idea that my nephew was going to come over. I knew that he was going
to come and help me move some furniture, but I had forgotten that today was the
day. I was in the shower, and the noise from the shower spray probably cut off
all the noise from the rest of the house. I thought I was completely alone. I
took my time showering, and began to fondle my tits and pinch my nipples. I
moved my hands down to my pussy and began to rub my lips, running my soapy
fingers around and around my pussy lips. I started thinking about Jerome, and
how his ass cheeks tightened with every step he took.

I got really excited, and took the bar of soap and ran it between my legs. I
tried inserting it into my pussy, but it wouldn’t go very far. I rubbed at my
clitoris with the edge of the bar of soap. I began to moan, and then, thinking
of what my nephew, Jerome, would look like with a big, fat hardon, I came.

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I rinsed myself and turned the water off and sat on the edge of the toilet,
fingering my pussy furiously. I came again, once more shouting and moaning. I
think I even said the name, Jerome.

“Aunt Norma, are you all right?” It was my nephew’s voice. He was knocking at
the bathroom door, and the door came open a crack. He pushed it the rest of the
way open.

I looked up at my older brother, my finger in my pussy, my legs spread wide
open, facing him. I could tell by the look on his face that he was as shocked
as I was. His mouth hung open, and his eyes were opened wide at the sight he

“I thought you were hurt,” he said, staring at my finger stuck in my pussy. I
watched his eyes move up to my breasts, looking at first one ripe, red nipple,
then the other. His eyes moved to my face, then back down to my pussy. There
wasn’t a whole lot I could say. He looked long and hard at my tits and pussy,
and I thought he would never say anything.

I moved my finger out of my pussy, and my nephew’s eyes followed my finger, as
if he wanted it, as if there was something about it that made him wish it were
his. As if, I thought, maybe he wanted to suck on it, or put his fat cock where
it had been.

“I was kind of, you know, playing with myself, actually, and uh, I was thinking
of you.”

After standing there, red-faced and staring at me, he opened his mouth, but
didn’t say anything. Then, he shut it again, with an audible snapping noise.

“Do you think I’m sexy?”

He nodded. “Yes, Aunt Norma, you are.” He reached down and touched his dick
through his pants, as if to prove what he was saying was true. “You’re real
sexy, even though you’re my aunt.”

I stood and walked over to him. I could tell he was excited by the swollen lump
of flesh at his crotch. I reached out and touched it.

“Aunt Norma, what are you doing?”

“Don’t you like that? Don’t you like it when I touch you, the way I want you to
touch me?”

“Sure I do, but should we like, you know, be doing this?”

I could feel his hard dick pressing against his pants, and I moved my fingers
up and down the long shaft, squeezing as I moved my hand to the tip of it.

With shaking fingers, I moved both hands to his belt, and looking in his eyes,
I undid his belt. He was looking down at my tits, and I saw his hand move out,
and I could feel his fingers on my erect nipples. His touch was like
electricity to me, sending fires of desire to my pussy.

“Oh, Jerome,” I said.

I hurriedly pulled his pants down to his knees. He was wearing white cotton
briefs, and I could see his dick, hard and throbbing, pressing against the thin
cotton cloth.

He shook his legs and let his pants fall to the floor. I pulled his shorts
down, letting his cock jump up and out. It was a thrill, looking at his hard
cock, his heavy-hanging, hairy balls just beyond. I grabbed his cock and
stroked it, pulling the foreskin back from the glistening head of it.

My nephew moved his hands over my body, and deftly, slowly moved them down to
my crotch. I could feel his fingers moving, touching, and exploring, finding my
pussy lips and gently pulling them apart.

He reached down all of a sudden and picked me up. Straddling him as he stood
there, he slowly let me down a little. His cock touched the entrance to my
pussy, and I could feel it slide gently and smoothly inside me.

He lifted me and then let me down again, and soon, we built up a rhythm,
fucking in the strangest position I had ever thought possible, my nephew
holding me up, my legs wrapped around his thighs. I could feel my pubic hair
pressing against his, could feel his balls pressing against my asshole each
time he lowered me.

I could feel a rising expectation inside me as his cock filled my pussy. I
reached down behind me and felt of his balls, and I noticed that they began to
tighten just as his knees began to moved and shake somewhat.

He began moving me up and down faster and faster, and I could feel his hard
dick begin to swell even larger, and suddenly, my pussy was filled with his hot
cum. I could feel his dick jerking and swelling, and each time, I was filled
with another load of hot fluid from the tip of his dick.

I came, my legs jerking, trying to hold on to my father as he stood there and
fucked me. I could feel his dick deep inside me, ejaculating, and the feel of
that was incredible. I leaned back, and he leaned forward and took one of my
nipples into his mouth. I could feel his tongue moving around on my nipple, and
his cock still inside me, and I came again, this time with a loud groan and a

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