Neighbors daughter has OF.. – Short Sex Story

We moved into this neighborhood about 4 months ago.

I work from home and the window in front of my desk looks out on our pool and the neighbors house. I can’t see much of their backyard due to some large trees but I get a damn good view of the upstairs bedrooms. Most days I’m busy and for 3 months I have not noticed anything going on in that bedroom. A few weeks ago I noticed a sort of bright lighting coming from the bedroom around 1pm-ish. I just wondered it was odd because of how bright it was during the day time. We’ve made friends with our neighbors during some neighborhood parties. I play pickup basketball with the husband on Wednesday nights. We’ve met their daughter, she’s 19 and is a freshmen in school (UCLA).

Last weekend, my gf (F29) and I were in the pool cooling down after a workout. Afterwards we started fooling around and that ended with her giving me a blowjob while I sat on the edge of the pool. At one point while she was sucking my cock I laid my head back and moaned and as I did I noticed someone looking out through the neighbors bedroom window. We’re into being watched and I figured it was a one time thing so I just smiled and moved on from it.

Since that night, a couple days a week between 12-2pm the curtains have been left open and I have been seeing the daughter masturbating in front of a ring light on her bed. Im at all times on calls or busy so I can not touch myself or anything but it’s been making me so horn. Friday my gf was off work and I told her to come upstairs to make sure i wasnt crazy and sure enough the window was open and she was vibrating her clit with a big hitachi on her bed. My gf watched and seemed to be enjoying a but and asked if I knew what she was probably doing. I said I think she started to leave the curtains open on purpose after seeing you suck my cock by the pool. My gf said yeah and based on her setup she must have OF or chaturbate, that’s why she has the ring light and fancy setup next to the bed.

She asked if I ever masturbate while watching the neighbor her… I said no because I’m usually busy with work at that time on my 1-2pm daily tagup calls. My gf laughed snd said mhmm and then knelt under my desk and proceeded to pull my pants down and suck my cock. She told me to watch the neighbors daughter and imagine it was her mouth. I blew my load down her throat in less than 2 minutes. I’m interested to see where things progress from here…

I’ll update if anything else happens.

NSFW: yes

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