Naked at Home

During my school years my mom and I had the house to ourselves.

My parents were long since divorced, and both my older siblings moved out after high college. I attended a community school and lived at home.

Our house had a deck that extended 10’ from the back door and wrapped around the end of our pool. We lived in the sun!

My speedo infatuation started on the high college swim team. In school, the internet opened my world to all manner of skimpy swimwear.

Mom told me to wear whatever I liked, so many of our evenings were spent out back in swimsuits. She would tan on the deck in a fairly standard bikini and I would float around the pool wear as little as feasible.

The summer after my junior year we took a vacation to a resort in the Caribbean. It was there I really began to notice her as the sexy woman she is. It was there she saw me naked for the first time.

We visited a nude beach. We were unaware it was nude until we saw the signs posted. Mom stayed in her suit but I stripped down and played in the water before laying out next to her.

Back home I continued to go nude as often as feasible. Mom never seemed to mind.

Most often I would slip off my suit and hang it to dry on the railing. I would dry off and walk naked into the house and up to my room. I found myself getting aroused when mom was around, and I made it a point not to acknowledge my erections in her presence.

One day, she asked about it.

“Whats getting you worked up,” she asked. I had come in naked after hanging my suit. I stopped as I was passing through the kitchen. Knowing she was gonna be seeing me nude got me aroused.

“Honestly,” I said, “it’s you giving me the freedom and being ok with me like this. Plus, I’m a college age guy and you look nice in your bikini.”

She smiled and moved on from that conversation. Evening plans came and went. It was Friday so I stayed up late and and slept in.

I woke up to music playing. A ordinary Saturday morning is my mom and I cleaning the house. She opens the windows and cranks her favorite 90’s rock station.

I am out of my room and was struck with the most amazing site. Mom was wiping the kitchen counters wear nothing but her bikini bottoms.

“I thought about what you said,” she said. “I enjoy being naked too. If you’re comfortable so am I.”

“I’m great with it,” I answered. “But please don’t be offended that I’ll be erect most of the day.”

We both laughed and mom went back to cleaning. I jumped in the shower and took the opportunity to beat off hoping it would counteract my arousal. Truthfully, I wanted to spend the day naked with my mom.

I was enjoying myself a little too much and didn’t hear mom come in to tidy up the bathroom. She popped the curtain open and I jumped.

“Can I help,” she asked, “I want us both to relax today.”

She stepped into the tub and sat down on the edge. With both feet in the water she took hold of my cock. She pulled me in and began a two hand stroke.

I knew I wouldn’t last long staring at her tits. She then pulled me close and shoved my cock in her mouth. I had no chance.

Her left hand grabbed my ass as her right hand massaged my balls. She bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked me off.

My first shot hit her throat. She pulled me out and squeezed her tits together as I unloaded across her chest.

She spit what she had taken into the tub and stood up. “There,” she said, “now relax.”

We spent the rest of the day doing projects naked and nearly naked. We dressed only once to pick up dinner. The night ended with my head in her lap on the couch as we watched a movie.

NSFW: yes

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