My(M18) Dance Instructor (F42) was my first – Part 3

First off, thanks for the encouraging words re updates.
I’m gonna skip ahead a bit, because it was at least 7 or 8 sessions of me “learning” the art of giving good oral on her. That would get tedious! Suffice to say, Claire finally said I was ready for the next level. I was promoted after mastering good clit stimulation, gspot fingering( and tonguing) and trigasms.
It was a Thursday private lesson night. Claire was dressed in the tightest sheath dress I’ve ever seen. One side of the dress was split from hemline (just above the knees) to just below the waistband. Her long, lithe frame was fully outlined. It was very apparent that she wore the dress and only the dress. Her small but very erect nipples poked out from her small A cup tits. Her mound was nicely accented.
How appropriate that tonight was a review and practice of the Argentine tango. “Rydair” she stated, you do know what ze tango symbolizes n’est pas?”. ” It is pure, raw is ze fucking to music mon cher”. Claire’s eyes burned with a cock hardening fire. The music? The dance? Me? I didn’t care. I just wanted to fuck her. All through the very erotic, symbolic moves within the tango, my cock was at full mast. Claire would deliberately brush her hand or thigh along it in her turns and clenches. How the fuck I lasted through 45 minutes without creaming my slacks is still a mystery lol. As we neared the end of the lesson time, in a very intimate reverse clench, Claire boldly grabbed my crotch, stared up at me and said with both words and smouldering eyes ” Ryder, tonight, zis is all mine…all night, certainmente!”. I nigh on came right then and there!.
I know we got to her apartment…how? …don’t care. I know we opened some wine…drank it? Don’t know, don’t care! I was an 18 year old young man that was gonna get to fuck a WOMAN for the first time.I clearly recall holding her, picking her up in my arms – her dress already discarded, my slacks kicked off and my shirt still on but totally unbuttoned. I lay her crosswise on the bed and with no kisses or delay began to suck on her erect nipples and caressed as much bare skin as I could reach. I had seen correctly – she had been naked under that sheath dress. The streetlights reflected nicely on her lithe naked body. Her little, oh so razor thin landing strip of hair on her pussy was highlighted in that glow. I kissed licked and nibbled my way down her stomach after I’d utterly ravaged her nipples and tits. Even her large aureolae stood out puckered from my attention. I licked, sucked nibbled and caressed her pussy lips – both sets. I rimmed her asshole and taint, my fingers teased her lips and then her whole slit…feeling her wetness grow to almost sloppy flood proportions. 1, then 2 then 3 fingers easily slid deep into her needy cunt. My thumb rubbed tiny, Featherlite circles on her clit, while my 3curled fingers assaulted her gspot. My baby finger was deeply embedded in her tight puckered ass hole. ( to this day, the tightest, but most accommodating ass I’ve had).
Claire came 3 times…each with more squirt that the one prior. Her last orgasm came with a massive gushing squirt that seemed to last for days! My face was covered. My thirst well quenched. “Rydair, fuck me now!” She pleaded. Now…I was nervous. I was in brand new territory. This wasn’t teen boast time in the gym locker room! This was the real thing. ” Oh, Christ” I wondered, ” what if I cum after 20 seconds?” My cock slid into her like knife through oven warm red velvet cake. Her legs wrapped around my hips and she threw her arms up over her head. ” Now fuck my little kitty, Ryder. Show me what you do” she cried out. Her eyes were closed as I thrust like a man possessed. I had not one clue what I was doing!! Claire angled her hips to ensure I hit her gspot, she used her cunt muscles to squeeze and control my tempo. She pushed herself fully onto my cocks whole length and began to cry out and moan totally in French. Needless to say, I didn’t last long. As I felt my cum building, she knew. ” Eh bien, Ryder, let go…cum in me, mon cher, cum!!. I let go of any shred of restraint I had and shot gob after gob of cum deep into her awesome pussy.
As I stood there after, with my cock still in her and my head hung in shame, Claire grabbed my hand, stared into my eyes after getting my attention. ” Ryder, your première temps, ( your first time) “it’s okay. The night is ours – Mon Dieu…you are still hard?” she exclaimed. ” Alors!!! then let us continue. She positioned me on my back and knelt on either side of my head, looked at me and said ” but first, kitty must be cleaned” as her pussy plastered itself to my mouth and she spun to take my still hard cock in her mouth – mumbling ” et toi aussi” ( and you as well)
The beginning of an entire night of sex.
To be continued.

NSFW: yes

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