My(38M) colonoscopy gone wild with naughty nurse(35F).

This is sort of a weird story, given the circumstances. I had gone in to have a colonoscopy done because of some concerns that I had down there. After I get checked in, a nurse comes out and escorts me to the exam/prep room. She checks my blood pressure and all that preliminary stuff that they are required to do. Afterwards, she hands me a gown. Tells me to completely undress and put it on but to leave the back untied then lay down on the hospital bed and the nurse in charge of anesthesia would be in soon to speak with me and get me all set up.
As I’m lying there, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat exposed already, even though I was completely covered up. The looseness of the gown felt good against my cock so I couldn’t help but feel it swell ever so slightly. The nurse walks in as I’m already slightly aroused. She looked to be close to my age and was wearing dark pink scrubs. She had a pretty face and nice body, but my eyes were immediately drawn to her beautifully shaped ass. I could see the outline of her thong while she was leaning over. We began talking about our professions and how we were both in the Navy for some time. It genuinely felt like we were into each other and the fact that I was really enjoying the conversation, along with how bad I now wanted to fuck her, caused me to become rock hard, at which point there was no hiding it. Even if I tried, it would be obvious as to what I was doing.
She grabs the chair in the room and sits as close to the bedside as she can. I know at this point she has seen it, as I saw her eyes look right in that direction, followed by her surprised, yet blushing face. There was no way anyone could have missed the obvious tent that was pitched under those sheets. She grabs my hand and puts in her lap to start examining the veins. She seemed to be taking her time trying to discover the “right” one to insert the IV. She then scoots even closer to me and pulls my hand in even closer and rests it on top of her thighs. At this point I’m ever so slightly making contact with her pussy and can feel the warmth radiating from her. I jokingly tell her that if my hand gets any closer that I’m gonna need her phone number. She looks at me and grins, whispers not to worry and that it will be with my discharge paperwork.
At this point, the sexual tension was so thick it would have taken a diamond bladed knife to cut through it. She gently places my hand back on the bed and stands up. Without saying anything she pulls the sheet down below my waist and begins rubbing me through my gown and tells me that I can’t go under anesthesia until this is taken care of and my blood pressure is verified typical. I tell her to do what ever is medically necessary. She reaches down and pulls the gown up and out of the way. She takes a moment to stroke me while playing with and admiring the precum that is leaking. Next thing she begins kissing, licking, and teasing up and down my shaft before taking my cock in her mouth. I was so horny and turned on in the moment by how unreal and hot the situation was that it didn’t take long.
After a few minutes, I whisper to her that I’m gonna cum and begin bucking my hips a little more aggressively. I had never felt this sort of buildup intensity from having my cock sucked before. The way her stroking coincided with the way she was sucking was the perfect combination. To my surprise, after saying this, she starts to suck and jerk my cock with even more effort, like she was trying to show me just how good she is. As I explode, she takes every last bit of cum in her mouth and swallows it all. I laid there dazed for a few seconds in disbelief as to what just happened. Once I finally came to my senses and she was checking my blood pressure one last time, I told her I was gonna be very upset if her number wasn’t on those discharge papers. She laughed and said don’t worry, that she would make sure I got it.
Fast forward to after the procedure back in the exam room, and she comes in to check on me. She slides a piece of paper in my personal belongings bag and asks how I’m doing. We talk for a minute before she had to get back to work. I knew that day marked the beginning of an exciting new relationship, which also has some very exciting stories.

NSFW: yes

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