My(23F) daddy (30M) made my ass sore

So this morning I woke up to really horny, to be honest that’s most mornings though, and my fiancé was lying there looking so sexy. We both sleep naked, cuz why not, and I just couldn’t stop myself and I took him in my mouth. I love feeling him soft in my mouth and slowly letting it get hard in my mouth. This morning though I wanted to really get him going so I let my spit fill my mouth and started drooling all over it and I looked up and he was sleepily looking down at me and I could feel myself soaking more.

I started to really suck him bouncing my head up and down gagging on him, making sure he can feel my drool running down him. I wanted him in me and I went to get on top of him but he pushed me down and I went to lay on my back but he pushed me on my belly and lifted my ass up and started licking my ass while fingering me, I was moaning so loud into my pillow.

He got up and I wanted to see what he was doing but also wanted to be surprised, that’s when I felt the coldness on my ass, and he pushed my plug in my ass. I won’t lie it felt so nice, I’ve been wanting to wear it more and more but just haven’t. He took my wand and started fingering me and holding it against my clit, I was shaking before I knew I had an orgasm gushing out of me.

I laid on the bed breathing into my pillow so happy that he helped with my horniness, what I was expecting was him pulling my ass back into the air and pulling my plug out and assuming he was rubbing himself cuz he was perfectly lubed up. I felt the tip pushing against my asshole, and listening to him groan. That’s when he said “daddy’s taking your naughty little ass.” I almost came again. He pushed hard and I felt my body tense up and it hurt but his moaning made me loosen up and he started to pump in and out.

He was pounding my ass so hard and fast, that’s when I felt him push my wand back against my clit but it was almost like he had it against his dick too, he slowed enough to hold my wand push into my ass. He was soon moaning louder and louder and I pushed back hard against him and my body felt so light I could feel my juices gushing down my legs as he groaned and fell against me. He pulled out and omg my ass was instantly so sore, but cuddling was perfect after.

NSFW: yes

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