My Yearly Checkup [Prostate] [Vanilla] [MF]

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NSFW: yes

A few months ago 38 year old me came up with the great idea to finally do it: I made an appointment for a yearly checkup with my doctor. She was my doctor since forever. But we rarely ever met each other. The main reason for it is, that I am one of those, who only go to a doctor, or visit a hospital when my body really shows me he middle finger. When I am either bleeding out of some hole in my body or when I am so sick, that it was nothing but a near death experience and only professional care could fix me up again.

But not this time. It was out and about to get a preventive examination. So I called in my doctors office. Fortunately they remembered my name. They said that I am lucky, and that they had an open spot in about a week. I said yes, I have time. I cleared my schedule to make it to the appointment. And there I was, one week later, sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the nurse to call me in.

Despite my appointment I had to wait. My doctor had to deal with an emergency. She had to take care of some bleeding wound first. While waiting I read some magazines. No, not on my phone, the print version. Interesting, which aristocrat married whom. Who got children. And who fucked up terrible. Reading those stories distracted me from the anxiety in my body: As mentioned above, I hated visiting a doctor.

Then it was my turn to head into the examination room. The nurse that brought me in told to strip down to my underwear. I should put my clothes on a chair next to the door. After I undressed, she told me to wait, the doctor would be with me in a few minutes.

While waiting I checked out the room. Nothing out of the typical in there: A scale. A stretcher. A board with letters on it to check your eyes. Some nice art on the walls. A few chairs. A desk with a computer on it.

When my doctor came in, I was blown away. She was a hot woman. Even hotter than I remembered. Around 60 years old, a nice curvy body, wearing some house shoes, some nice looking summer dress that was partly covered by her white coat. Her hair was in a knot on the back of her head. Her glasses, granny style.

I popped hard wood immediately. I was nothing but embarrassed for it. I wanted to sink into the ground. To disappear. But my doctor, she saw what was going on, had no issue with it. The total opposite was the case. A gigantic smile appeared on her face. She knew that it was her that made me hard. She probably loved what was going on: “Good. So your penis is still working.”

The examination began: She took my measurements. I had to stand on the scale. She took my blood pressure while sitting on the stretcher. She took some of my blood to send it off for further testing. She took out her stethoscope to listen to my heart beat, to listen to my lungs. And so on, and so on. The full program. While my dick was still rock hard.

Then she told me to pull down my underwear and bent over the stretcher. She put on a one way glove and drowned a few of her fingers in lube. Then she told me to breath in. While she slid the first finger up my ass. A moan escaped my throat.

My doctor kept on going. I moaned out even more. Then she slid a second finger in. It felt even better. My moaning got more intense. I felt something building up inside me. She kept on going. She was messaging my prostate. She even brought in a third finger. My body began to tremble. She knew the spots she had to hit. Then boom, a body trembling orgasm. My balls emptied themselves. Without ever been touched by her, or by me. Same goes for my dick. And surprisingly, despite the heavy orgasm, I staid rock hard.

All my doctor said was: “Good. Prostate is fine. Now it is time to check your penis.”

She threw the glove in the trash can. Then she told me to stand up straight. She told me to cough. She jerked of my cock for some time: “Perfect. Excellent. As rock hard as it should be.”

Then my doctor poured some lube over my dick. Then she bent over the stretcher while pulling her dress up. To my surprise, she was wearing no underwear: “Fuck me. Choose your hole.”

I slid my dick inside her pussy. It felt even better than the stuff she did with me before that. She began to moan. I fucked her gentle. Balls deep, but gentle. She told me to go faster. Her moaning got more intense. She didn’t bother to be silent at all. She told me to fuck her harder. Her legs began to tremble. She had an orgasm. I wasn’t even close. But she told me to pull out: “Good, still able to please a woman.”

The special examination went on. My doctor tole me to sit on the stretcher. She took a chair, she sat down in front of me. She ordered me to spread my legs. Her hands were squeezing my balls. To check if they are fine. Then her lips wrapped themselves around my glans. Again, it felt nothing but awesome. I was in heaven.

Then, all of a sudden, it knocked on the door. I got an anxiety attack. I froze. My dick went out of her mouth: “Come in.”

It was the nurse that brought me in. She wasn’t shocked. She didn’t freeze. She just asked in a very calm, totally typical tone: “How long until I can sent the next one in your other office?”

The doctor, also totally calm: “In about ten minutes. I think someone is close.”

The nurse confirmed the order, left and closed the door behind her. My cock was in my doctors mouth again. Her hands never left my balls. Then she took me deeper. Balls deep. I was fucking my own doctor down her throat. It felt great. It all was nothing but a gigantic fucking turn on. My dick was ready to explode. One more slide in and out. Boom. I came in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of my cum: “Yes, the sperm tastes fine too.”

Finally, the examination was over. She told me to get dressed again. She called in a nurse to clean up the place. Then she told me that it was looking promising. That everything was okay so far. Her assistant will call me in week or so for the results of my blood test. And on my way out, I should make an appointment for our next yearly examination.

I thanked her for taking time with me. She wished me all the best. Then she left the room. A minute later I left the room. I went to the front desk, to set up an appointment for the next year. I said goodbye. And yes, I am really looking forward to my next yearly examination with my damn hot doctor.

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