My Wife’s Seminar (Dirty Weekend) with her Boss and a surprise visitor

So if you have read “**My Wife Left me with her cousin, I wish I could say nothing happened but I would be lying”.** Parts 1 & 2 you will know that my wife came home not quite as pretty as she left. now there are two different versions here. The one her boss told me, which I don’t believe and the one my wife told me which I do, we had at all times promised to be blunt, honest and open with each other and besides she wouldn’t be able to bite her own ass or put a bite at the top of her thigh so my wife’s is the one to take notice of the other version was for the boss’s wife and me and was told by himself.

On the drive to the hotel which was about 3 hours away my wife said he was constantly trying to touch her but she wouldn’t let him. However my wife had this fetish that she could never stop doing whether she was a passenger or driver and that was she had to masturbate, it is something I have got use to and something she can not control. On the drive she did exactly that, he took this as a green light to grope her which kills the mood for her even when I touch her so she was getting really pissed off and got a little abrupt with him telling him to just enjoy the moments and wait for his playtime. Nothing happened on the first night, they checked in ate then went to their separate rooms, that’s when my wife called me to say nothing had happened between them well aside from her masturbating in the car obviously and the fact that he had his cock out but couldn’t masturbate and drive at the same time………. Unlucky. It was the second day that things happened and I would have paid good money to have been there and watched what unfolded.

They had their meeting in the morning then went to his room, (Not the best move) He told my wife that his wife had called the night before so it was lucky they had separate rooms he also told her that his wife wouldn’t be calling him that day as she was arranging a surprise for him. At this point both him and my wife wondered it was for when he got home, read on because they were both wrong.

As soon as they got to his room they began kissing an he began to remove her clothes and kissing her neck and nipples whilst he was doing that she had removed his shirt, once naked my wife got on her knees and removed his pants. Now bare in mind she had already seen his cock in the car but hadn’t taken much notice of it. She said it was not that impressive in fact it was the smallest she had seen (and she had seen a few in our time together). She took him in her mouth and deep throated him with, as she put it, room to spare, she had been sucking for less than five minutes when he unloaded into her mouth. (Not a great begin) In her words “What he lacked in cock he made up for in tongue” apparently his tongue is on a par with Gene Simmons and when he spread her legs he put it to good use. She joked that she loved me and although I am perfect for her if I had his tongue I would be godlike. He worked her ass and pussy with his tongue and yes she was cumming bucket loads. apparently drenching the bed. He eventually sat up and told her he wanted to fuck her in the shower. (Mood Killer for her because she was ready for cock right then) as she said though it was his dollar (He was paying her a $500 bonus for the weekend) They made their way to the shower and once under the water he pushed her down on her knees, as she moved in to begin sucking him she heard him say something but the only word she caught was pee. Straight away she stood up and told him no way that pee was reserved for me and her and no amount of money would pay for him to do it. He peed in the shower and she waited for him to finish. She went down on him but the shit had saved a few dribbles and fired them into her mouth and began laughing. (Never do anything my wife does not want to do) as he found out when she clamped her teeth firmly onto him cock. She did get him hard and they did fuck in the shower. In fact they fucked the whole afternoon little blue pills helping him to stay hard. It was somewhere between 8 and 9pm when all hell broke lose. My wife was riding her boss and either hadn’t heard the door or ignored it thinking it was room service she did say she was at the point of no return and was just starting to squirt when she heard a scream like a banshee and felt her hair being pulled which dragged her off her boss and onto the floor. The next thing she knew she had 200lb of her boss’s wife sitting on top of her punching her in the stomach and face. My wife was 120lb but fit so she fought back she grabbed the boss’s wife’s hair which didn’t worked as it came away in her hands (We never knew she wore a wig) She then swung her fist and caught his wife square on the jaw. My wife grabbed her again ripping the dress his wife was wearing and then unleashed a few punches his wife came back at her and my wife took one in the eye and one in the mouth. HIs wife started screaming for her to get out calling her everything from slut to whore. My wife went to get her clothes but before leaving she landed a punch right in his wife’s face then went right up into her face and told his wife “I’m not a slut or a whore but I am as my husband calls me a Hotwife”. That’s when she went back to her room. She left early the next morning and that’s when she got home and found me and her cousin fucking hard.

Now before I go on to the next bit I have to point out there was no sexual contact between my wife and her cousin however I did end up having sex with both. After my wife had explained everything Sylvia took her by the hand and lead her to the bed. She helped my wife undress went and got some towels and some oil, then laid my wife down on the bed face down that’s when I notice the bites on her butt. I watched as Sylvia who was still naked start to massage my wife. I left the room for a few minutes and returned with a bottle of wine and three glasses, then sat in the chair and watched something that wasn’t meant to be sexy but was giving me a major hard on. Sylvia finished massaging the back on my wife turned over, there was no doubt she was enjoying the massage, her nipples were like bullets. The position Sylvia took was sat right over my wife’s pussy, my wife’s legs were slightly open and I could see the moisture running out of her. My wife’s clit was a good size, and when aroused it was almost like a mini cock so the position Sylvia had taken was one where her clit was being stimulated again not intentional. My wife did let out a couple of moans then realized who was massaging her and tensed up Sylvia got her to relax again I remember my wife saying to Sylvia that if she hadn’t been her cousin she wouldn’t hesitate, Sylvia looked over her shoulder at me with this sexy smile and said “Ah damn but it’s nice to know”. When Sylvia finished my wife looked over at me “I want you to fuck me hard I want it to hurt I want both holes filled” reaching into the drawer at the side of the bed she pulled out a dildo. I did fuck her hard really hard making her cry but it was how she wanted it when I came I came hard and when she said “Now I want to watch you make love to Sylvia and then I want another massage with Sylvia’s pussy full of you sitting on top of me” If there was ever a statement that would keep a man hard that was the one. And seeing two women both with full pussies engaging in massage well that is one for the scrapbook.

Sylvia became a regular visitor and for a short time lived with us the three of us would distribute the same bed a lot of the time. My wife gave up her job after her boss had blamed my wife for coming on to him his wife left him for lying about the whole thing. For us though we were just enjoying life and each other.

NSFW: yes

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