My wife’s hottest story.

I asked my wife what was the hottest thing she had done. She was a bit shy as she told the story but got more excited she sat on my cock. This is what she said.
She was brought up by her mother as a single parent. Her mother was a nurse at the local hospital and worked shifts. When my wife was a teenager her mother had several boyfriends. She could here her mother having sex and used to rub her pussy in time with the sex and try and come at the same time as her mother. This whent on for several years. One time she noticed that her mother was realy enjoying one perticular man friend.
One night she was listening as usual and was impressed that the man made her mother come several times. Falling asleep after rubbing her pussy. In the morning she heard her mother getting ready for work. Her mother left and she heard snoring coming from her mothers room. She climbed out of bed and checked if her mother’s car was gone.
She stripped naked and as quiet as she could she sneeked into her mothers room. The man was asleep in her mother’s bed. She nearly left and went back to her own room. But instead slipped under the duvet. The man moved in his sleep and his cock was right in front of my future wife’s face so she put it in her mouth and slowly started to suck and lick the cock that a few hours earlier had been fucking her mother.
She could taste her mother and the man’s come on the hardening shaft. She realised why her mother enjoyed this cock so much it was about 8 inches long and really thick. When it was rock hard she moved across and slid the cock into her pussy making her come. She started riding this big hard cock. It was at this time the man realised it was not the mother riding his cock. But like a hero he stayed hard and lay back watching a teenager riding his cock. After she came again. They changed position with the man on top and drove his cock into her soaking pussy making her come yet again before coming inside her. She crawled out from under him went to the shower were she rubbed her pussy again and washed her self down. Later that day she met up with her boyfriend ‘me’ we went for a walk and she says give me a blowjob as she didn’t want to use her pussy as it was painful from the pounding it had taken.
She never talked to the man,. Never new his name and her mother never knew what had happened.
She told me this story about 15 years after it happened and says its her favourite experience to masterbate to. We both masterbate together to it now.

NSFW: yes

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