My wife’s friend got a lil frisky – Short Sex Story

I was having lunch with my wife and we were sitting in a booth, facing each other. My wife’s friend we will call Emma walked in, saw us and sat down next to my wife. Weade the usual small talk for a bit while we ate. My wife had to use the bathroom so she swung around and sat next to me. “I’ll sit over here and keep him company until you get back” She giggled, as my wife walked away.
Immediately, once her back was turned her hand went under the table and grabbed my crotch “let’s see what she brags about all the time” stunned I didnt move but couldn’t help but glance down at her healthy cleavage while she rubbed my crotch. Her fingers expertly grabbed the zipper and she pulled out my cock. “Ooooooo” She said with delight “she wasn’t wrong”. She stroked until my cock was hard. I told her I noticed the way she looked at me, and she smiled and said “I noticed you too”. Her hands still softly stroking up and down “fuck, imma have to try this out one day”. I wanted her to continue until I came but she shoved him back in shorts, still hard. Just in time for my wife to walk back to the table. She patted my cock and gave a lil squeeze as she stood up and joined my wife on the other side of the table. Little did I know this was the first of many sexual encounters with Emma…

NSFW: yes

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