My Wife’s First BBC (True Story)

After years of trying to get my wife to fuck other men I finally had a breakthrough and got her to begin talking with other men. This resulting in me sharing her with two separate white guys, but my deepest fantasy was still unfulfilled – I wanted her to take a BBC. My wife is built for BBC – short, very curvy and a big ass and big titties.

As much as I loved sharing her with the guys she did fuck, I was even more thrilled when she told me she was bringing a black guy over. From the pics she saw, she figured he was around 8 inches, a lot bigger than me. On the night he was supposed to come over she got dressed up in a sexy black lace babydoll dress and didn’t wear any panties. I was told I couldn’t be in the room, so I had to stay downstairs the whole time. He came over and said hi, then she led him upstairs so he had a full view of her ass.

They were alone for around 3 hours, and for most of it I couldn’t hear much of what was happening, although I was listening as hard as I could. I was rock hard the entire time imagining what was happening. Late in the night I finally heard something, it was the bed creaking like crazy. I knew he was gonna town on her at that point and I loved it. And couple minutes later they came downstairs and she walked him to the door. I could tell by the look on her face that she enjoyed everything.

As soon as he left I had her lay on the couch and I immediately went down on her. Her pussy was still soaked and I loved the taste, even though I could tell he wore a condom. Then I got on top of her and started to fuck her while asking her for details of what happened.

She confirmed that his dick was a solid 8 inches and thick, the biggest she ever had. She said it felt better than mine ever did and she liked it a lot better. She told me they started by making out for a while, then she went down on him. She must have blown him really well because he said she had awesome tip game.

After blowing him for a while they finally fucked. He got on top of her and she guided his cock in, she said she was so wet that it didn’t hurt even though he was so big. They fucked in missionary for a while, she told me he was super passionate and sweaty. She finally made him cum by grinding back against him while he thrusted.

She wasn’t finished with him once he came though. After resting for a few minutes she started stroking his cock again until he was rock hard. Then she got on her hands and knees and took him doggy style. He fucked the shit out of her in doggy, which is what I could hear from downstairs. With her thick ass spread out in front of him it didn’t take long for him to cum. She said he was pounding her G spot in doggy and that she loved it.

As she told me all these details I could hold back anymore and I unleashed a big load into her pussy. My only regret is that he didn’t fill her pussy first, I really wanted him to creampie her. My wife told me she wanted him raw, but she was afraid that he’d get uncomfortable about it

Overall I loved this experience and I hope to distribute her with many more guys in the future. I cum hard every time I think about that night, my sexy wife finally became a BBC slut like I at all times wanted

NSFW: yes

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