My wife’s birthday gift to me

Back when I turned 25, my wife and I had been married just under a year and living in an apartment complex with a nice pool. We were house hunting and about to actually move within the month.

I got home on my 25th birthday and called to my wife and she yelled that she was in the bedroom, so I barged in. She and her friend Whitney from the complex were in the process of changing and trying on each other’s bathing suits. Not knowing Whitney was in there, I was like “whoa!” because she was topless. Whitney sheepishly covered up and told me to come on back. Whitney and my wife were roughly the same size, a few extra pounds, so they were sharing swimsuits to see which ones were sexier. I politely excused myself and my wife told me to go ahead and change and we’d go have some drinks by the pool.

Whitney and my wife both put on tankinis and looked pretty sexy. We’d just met Whitney a few months prior. She had just gotten divorced after finding out her husband was having an affair. Whitney and my wife were good friends and we intended on keeping in touch with her after we moved. So after a few hours, my wife said she had a birthday present for me, so she took me by the hand back to our apartment. She told me to have a seat in the chair, and then she came over, got down on her knees, pulled off my shorts, and then pulled down her top and began sucking me off.

Not 5 minutes later, Whitney walked in and I jumped out of the chair, freaking out. My wife asked if it was okay that Whitney watched us, and I agreed. Whitney sat down on the chair nearby and watched as my wife took off her bottoms and began riding me. I watched Whitney as she began touching herself and was really enjoying the sight of us fucking. Aroused at that, I told my wife I was very close, and she told me since it was my birthday, she was gonna have me cum in her mouth.

So my wife got off and got back on her knees. She motioned for Whitney to join us, so she came over, and pulled her top down, exposing her chest for me to see. My wife had my cock in her mouth and I was about to finish, but she decided to tease me by having me tit-fuck both of them. Finally I could take no more, as I came right in my wife’s mouth, but Whitney wanted a taste, so she and my wife swapped my load a couple of times, and then each of them dribbled half of it onto their tits. My wife told me “Happy Birthday!” and I couldn’t thank her enough.

NSFW: yes

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