My wife turned me. Weekend continues

After Tony had used me, Lexi came to my side, and all 3 of us were collapsed on the bed. “Are you ok?” She asked stroking my cheek. I hadn’t had time to fully process the situation. For the last 30 minutes I was consumed by the intensity of our evening. “I’m ok, baby. Honestly I’m great.” I replied. This has secretly been a desire for as long as I can remember. I have fantasized about this exact thing forever, but I have never had the courage to act on it. Luckily my loving wife had similar taste and pushed me over the edge. “Are you ok?” I eventually asked back. My main hold up or concern has been Lexi. The last thing I would ever want is to jeopardize us. Lexi is my only person, and she will at all times be my priority. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I am so happy you enjoyed yourself.” She responded.

Tony eventually chimed in; “thank you both for a fantastic evening, but I better hit the road.” Lexi nudged me inquisitively before chiming in “it’s like 2 am, you are more than welcome to crash with us if you’d prefer” she finished by giving me a look mixed with apologies and excitement. “Is that ok with you?” Tony asked me. “Why not” I responded. We eventually drifted asleep with Lexi in between her husband and her husbands new fuck buddy.

The sunrise started hitting my face around 6am, bringing me into a groggy awakening. Soon remembering the drunken shenanigans from the night before. I rolled over to my wife only to discover her nestled against Tony. With his a draped around her, and her ass resting against Tony’s crotch.

To my surprise, I was not jealous. Honestly the sight had me aroused, and before long I was straining against my cage… Fuck… I’m still locked in this cage. I had forgot about it until now. Even though I came last night, I was increasingly horn. The thing about prostate orgasms is they do not reset your horniness.

As I lay there thinking about the gorgeous mess we have found ourselves in, Lexi began to stir a bit. Eventually wiggling her ass right against Tony’s cock forcing a half grunt half moan from his half asleep mouth. The sight has me flustered, as I lean in to kiss my wife. Eventually Lexi woke up facing me. It took her a second to realize it was Tony’s cock rubbing her ass crack. Upon realizing what was happening she looked at me wondering what to do. “It is hot” I said before she could say anything. “I want to watch him fuck you” I continued almost instinctively without even thinking about my words. Lexi moaned, and made sure I was comfortable. With my approval Lexi increased the pressure back on Tony letting out a slight moan. “He is getting hard” she whispered to me. At the same time, Tony’s hand moved from her shoulder down to her pussy. “Can I fuck your wife?” Tony blurted out. I don’t know how long he was awake, but he was definitely aware of the current situation. “Please” I answered.

Lexi has at all times preferred a little fore play prior to sex. “Can you get him ready?” Lexi asked. I knew what this meant, and I eagerly followed her instructions. I positioned myself yet again between Tony’s legs. As I began to swirl my tongue around his semi erect cock, Lexi positioned herself on Tony’s face. Lexi placed her hands on my head forcing me deeper on his cock. “Get him nice and wet for me baby, I need a good fucking” Lexi demanded while shoving my head down harder. Tony let out a muffled moan into Lexi’s pussy. “Do you want to fuck me Tony?” Lexi asked. “Mmmhhhmm” he let out another muffled response.

Lexi eventually got into doggy position, “Brad, get underneath my pussy. You are going to lick my clit while Tony fucks me” “yes mam” I followed. I am loving following her orders, and I am loving the dominant side Lexi has embraced lately. Tony positioned his cock at the entrance of my wife, and I had a front row seat. His balls rested on my face as he slowly entered my wife. I could see her lips wrap around Tony’s girth until he was balls deep inside her. “Oh my god!” Lexi screeched as she squeezed my locked cock. “Fuck me Tony!”

Tony quickly picked up his pace as I tried to focus on Lexi’s clit while still watching her pussy engulf Tony. I quickly began to leak precum. Tony’s balls kept dragging across my face, and Lexi’s pussy lips were gripping his cock. I didn’t care about my own cock or my pleasure. This was more than enough. By now Tony had found his rhythm, and was bottoming out my wife. Her breathing was picking up and I could tell she was nearing her own orgasm. “Harder, fuck me harder” she groaned. I refocused my tongue on her clit as I vigorously circled her button. “Do you like that view?” Tony asked. “I love it, your cock looks great inside my wife” I muttered. I was lost in the moment, I couldn’t think before speaking, I just knew I loved this. Hearing our exchange sent Lexi over the edge. Her legs began quivering and squeezing my head. Her juices started leaking around Tony’s cock into my mouth, and her moans grew louder. “Oh my god, your cock is so good!” She screamed into orgasmic bliss. “I’m gonna fucking cum” Tony interjected. “Cum inside me” Lexi replied without hesitation squeezing eve harder around my dick. On cue Tony began grunting, I moved my focus and was licking his balls as his cock pulsed inside my wife. I could feel his balls retracting as he filled her pussy. After 5-6 pumps their bodies began to relax. Tony’s cock remained in my wife, as she tried catching her breath. I was enjoying my view unable to move underneath them both. More horny and turned on than I have been all weekend.

Eventually, Tony slowly pulled his cock from Lexi’s pussy. I could see his cum surrounding his shaft and her lips. Once he was all the way out, Lexi Lowered her head keeping her ass in the air. “Clean his cock baby” switch out hesitation Tony slid his cock onto my lips until I opened for him. He quickly shoved himself down my throat giving me no option but to lick the cum from him. After 2-3 pumps he slapped my face with his cock a couple times before getting off the bed. Almost simultaneously Lexi sat up and lowered her freshly fucked pussy directly on my mouth. “Now lick me clean” she demanded with a little giggle. Lexi quickly began grinding her cum filled pussy over my mouth, until I felt a glob drip straight to my throat. My only option was to swallow. “Good boy!” Lexi giggled as she slapped my balls.

Lexi finally stood up and leaned down for a kiss, before grasping Tony’s cock while looking at me. “Would you like to come back over tonight?” She asked Tony. “Yes please” he replied before getting dressed and heading out.

story continues.. it was a long weekend!

NSFW: yes

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