My wife helps with my anxiety issues

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I shut down TicTok on my phone and begin the ASMR program to try and help me sleep. Laying back into the pillows, I start the long struggle against my anxiety and try and let sleep come. My hand strays to your side where you lay sleeping and gently touches the skin of your arm, tracing the familiar contours of your skin. You shift, and roll onto your back, and I note that your loose shirt is pulled up some in your movement, exposing the curvature of your lower left breast. With some trepidation, knowing I should not wake you, I very carefully pull on your shirt, exposing more of the swell of your large breast with each gentle tug. After several minutes of gentle tugging, I managed to expose a portion of your breast, and just the lower crescent of your areola, so dark pink and captivating. Knowing I am pressing my luck, l leave my hand idle on your arm, the backs of my fingers brushing against your exposed lower breast. Laying back, I listen to the soft voice and subtle noises of the ASMR, but you dominate my thoughts.

To my ultimate surprise, your hand touches my side. “Trouble sleeping again?” comes your soft voice. I mumble an affirmative and catch my breath as your hand begins travelling along my side. There is a familiar pull deep in my loins and I feel myself stir. Your hand finds the hem of my nightshirt and slips under, your fingers finding my suddenly awake cock, which responds quickly at your unexpected touch. “Perhaps we can try something different,” comes your voice from beside me, a teasing hint to the tone.

My breath catches as your fingers lightly trace my growing erection, then wrap lightly about it and start to stroke slowly along its length. My mind races, all the time wanting this, clinging to the hope it might happen, but struggling with the reality that it actually is. I am barely aware of your body shifting nest to me as you move, positioning yourself lower on our bed, your fingers moving down to cup my balls. “Oh my,” comes your voice from the semi-darkness of the room, “you do seem excited!”

My eyes tightly closed, my mind races, hoping for what is to come next and desperately hoping it will. Suddenly it does, a low groan of surprised please escaping my as your lips touch the head of my erection and your lips part, sliding around my shaft and taking it into your warm, wonderful mouth. Your head begins to bob as you take me in, first teasing my cock head as your hand cups my balls and gently squeezes. My right hand strays along your side, straining to reach and squeeze your large breast, then moving back down your side to rub your beautiful ass through your pajama bottoms.

My left hand moves to your head, playing with your hair as you slide me in and out of your mouth, taking a bit more of my growing erection with each movement. My right hand works to slide your bottoms down, exposing your ass to the air and my waiting hand, which begins to rub the soft skin and squeezing in time with your lips moving along my cock. An involuntary groan of pure ecstasy escapes me and you amplify your movements and I shudder with pleasure.

Your body shifts again, pulling away from my hand that is caressing your ass. Your lips come away from my cock, and I open my eyes, a protest dying before I can utter it as I see you have removed your shirt and kneel over me, placing your gigantic breasts on either side of my cock and push them together around me. “I know you love this,” you say softly, your voice husky and sexy, “making me to this with my tittys.”

“God yes,” I groan, “banging your huge tits is the absolute best.” I reach down and touch your breasts, my fingers finding your nipples, which have grown rock hard and firm. You do not protest as I twist them, trying to be gentle, but they feel so good.

NSFW: yes

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