My wife got a hot rub down from a massuse

We were on holidays a few months back & decided to get a massage, the type of massage we wanted ment that I went with the female massus & she went with the male massuse. I had a very relaxing time, just a typical massage. However when we were chatting afterwards my wife told me about the guy giving her the massage.
When she was getting ready for her massage, undressing to her thong the guy didn’t give her long enough to get ready and walked in on her, she had her back to him so he only seen her ass. He quickly went back out to give her more time
She got herself ready on the massage table & told him when to come in. He turned on the relaxing music etc & got ready. He then folded the towel she had covering her back & bum. She said he folded it up as small as he could, he ass was showing at the top & her cheeks were sort of out at the bottom. She said he was a good massuse, he done her back, neck & shoulders, then her legs afterwards.
When he was doing her lower back my wife said his hands went down as far as they could go, touching the top of her ass cheeks. On her legs he rubbed her from her ankle all the way up to the very bottom of her ass cheeks, she said by this stage the towel moved up further & he could easily see half her ass & the purple thong that she had on.
When it came to turning over, he held up the towel for her. She said it definatley wasn’t hight enough and he had a good look at her tits. The towel was turned down pretty far on her chest when she was lying in her back.
He massaged her arms & shoulders from the front the then moved down to her legs again. He rubbed her from her ankles all the up to the top of her thighs, the very very top according to her.
He then finished & left the room for her to get dressed.
Despite being quite shy & quiet my wife had no issue tell me wgat happened & she actually seemed to enjoy it 🙊 needless to say it made me so horny hearing about another guy getting turned on by & touching my wife 🥵

And that is a true story

NSFW: yes

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